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    2. A Blueprint for Writing Edgy Content

      A Blueprint for Writing Edgy Content
      Eliciting emotion from your audience is one of the most powerful ways to create strong engagement. And being controversial is a surefire way to elicit those emotional responses. It can be a risky practice though, so here are a few considerations to bear in mind. The Reframe People interested in your area of expertise invariably settle into a status-quo. Provide an alternative perspective. Through a reframe, you pique curiosity to ...
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    3. Create a Steady Supply of Blog Ideas for Your Business

      Create a Steady Supply of Blog Ideas for Your Business
      As content investment continues to grow, marketers have targeted blogging as a priority content marketing tactic. More than 90% of the best business bloggers publish at a clip of at least one post per week, and its not uncommon to see corporate blogs updated daily. With such a fiery tempo, how do authors generate ideas for their content? The following suggestions will help you generate the ideas you need. Queue ...
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    4. Where to Turn for Your Content Marketing Resources

      Where to Turn for Your Content Marketing Resources
      Because organizations continue investing in content marketing, teams are increasing manpower to drive content-related activities. Consider these three options, before deciding what staffing approach best fits your content marketing strategy. Contractors and Freelancers The most flexible option, marketers can hire based on their needs. Whether they need a generalist or a niche expert, freelancers will drive satisfactory results. When hiring freelancers, use the following tactics to get the most out ...
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    5. Elevate Your Content With Structure and Intrigue

      Elevate Your Content With Structure and Intrigue
      For content marketers in B2B especially, content should achieve one or both of the following: Resonate by adding value Provoke a strong enough reaction for your audience to share it It is difficult to meet either of these objectives without two core elements, regardless of format: structure and intrigue. Structuring quality content requires flow to give a quality reader experience. Creators need a compelling storyline that outlines a problem, introduces ...
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    1. Think about a curator as a designer. Right now, everybody is writing about design and thinking how important design is
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    2. I think the writing is on the wall for this to continue to happen.
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    3. CurationSoft has been a life saver for news bloggers and publishers who live and die by readership and visitor loyalty. It's a productivity booster for sure. If you cannot put out enough content, readers defect to sites with a bigger writing staff.
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