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    2. In Service Of The King: 5 Ways Content Curation Supports Blog Marketing

      In the business blogging world, content is king. The challenge many of us face isn't in identifying who the king is, but in taking the time needed to elevate him into his throne. Content curation - the process of finding, grouping, organizing and sharing content - can be a powerful tool that is more than up for the challenge of hoisting 'Content the King' into your company's blog marketing throne.
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    3. Content Curation Defined as Next Level of B2B Content Marketing by HiveFire

      Those familiar with Google Reader or a similar feed reader may already be partially aware of what is meant by content curation. Feed readers aggregate syndicated content such as blog posts, news headlines and podcasts into a single view for the ease of readers. Curation, instead of simple aggregation, adds an editorial component to the content being shared.
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    4. Content Marketing ROI: 3 Ways Content Curation Optimizes the B2B Content Supply Chain Featuring @McKQuarterly

      Without complex ROI measurement tools, marketers can leverage content curation to deliver immediate, digital marketing optimization opportunities in the B2B content marketing process. In this article, we explore the 3 avenues for value creation proposed by McKinsey's David C. Edelman.
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    5. 2 Ways Persistent Search Enables Content Curation: From TEDx Boston

      At the TEDx Boston Pre Adventure Panel on The Future of Search, tonight, we learned a great deal about how search and searching are evolving online. However, one interesting note that sent me researching was the concept of “persistent search” and its impact in the way individuals are searching and search technology.
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    6. B2B search engine marketing strategies optimized in 2 Ways with Content Curation

      Quality content curation allows the marketing executive to continuously identify, extract and organize the numerous keywords that make up the long tail of an industry’s social media conversations. Without Content curation, this process can be extremely time consuming and repetitive.
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    7. SEO vs. PPC is a non debate for B2B Marketing. To secure maximum quality leads, cheaply, is all that matters.

      The ongoing debate on the greater of conversion effectiveness between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-Click (PPC) is a non debate for B2B marketers. If the objective of B2B marketing is to secure quality leads for the sales team, at the lowest possible cost, then all that matters is delivering the maximum quality-lead impact to sales with the highest return on investment. Below I will share some thoughts on how ...
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    8. Flack's Revenge: @HiveFire Enables Content-rich Blogs. A review by @robgeller

      Comment "Rob Geller connects HiveFire with Robin Good's newsmastering. HiveFire is newsmastering for marketing executives." - Taariq Lewis
      Flack's Revenge: @HiveFire Enables Content-rich Blogs. A review by @robgeller
      So, my ears perked up when the name HiveFire was mentioned in a client meeting recently, within the context of blogging platforms that make it easy to launch and maintain content-rich sites via built-in newsmastering capabilities. Keeping your blog fresh and interesting takes a serious commitment and hard work. Solutions such as HiveFire's alleviate some of that pressure by making it easier to surround your posts with relevant news ...
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    9. Three ways in which Content Curation helps Marketers overcome lengthening sales cycles

      Although most B2B marketers understand the “who, what, when and why” as prospects enter the funnel, keeping up with the key issues that drive initial prospect interest is difficult. Content curation allows companies to capture and share a comprehensive collection of relevant content key to the current issues which drive customer interest and search for a solution. Delivering authority before there’s a sales pain establishes a history of insight ...
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    10. The Apple iPad is relevant for B2B Marketers as traditional publishers retreat from niche markets

      Comment "Hi Jespah: I agree with you. These are great questions and I believe that traditional publishers will spend a great ..." - Taariq Lewis
      With content curation, B2B marketers, the newly emerging industry trade-publishers, can deliver new niche, periodicals to their audiences of customers. Additionally, as niche markets demand that their publishers deliver increasing relevant industry content, B2B marketers that curate will be able to easily satisfy this demand. Thus, B2B marketers may be a new and compelling competitor to traditional publishers that previously controlled the flow of information. As traditional publishers seek new ...
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    11. HiveFire Launches Content Curation eBook for B2B Marketers

      "The beauty of content curation is that it enables B2B organizations to tame the flood of online information for their prospects and customers," adds Pawan Deshpande, CEO, HiveFire. "At the same time, it relieves the pressure to generate a steady stream of content in-house, instead providing an automated way to augment existing content on a daily basis."
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    12. The Internet transforms online news into B2B content marketing engagement: It’s a consumption experience!

      In my view, news, as we have grown up to understand the concept is no longer correct in an online, always-on world. What we call “news” today has transformed and become part of the engagement story, online beyond the original definition. News is mainly an information consumption experience, not an information production output. B2B marketers who understand the influence of this new form of “news” can collect, curate, and engage ...
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    1. Important to clarify is that we at HiveFire are not advocating the complete replacement of content creation efforts via curation, Today's smartest B2B marketers know there is simply too much content available to process manually -- this means finding a solution for automating efforts -- the solution is curation.
      In Content Curation Defined as Next Level of B2B Content Marketing by HiveFire
    2. Content curation holds more promise than nearly any other tool in the business bloggers arsenal.
      In Business Blogging ABCs Revealed by @HiveFire
    3. Content curation holds more promise than nearly any other tool in the business bloggers arsenal, It promises a shorter learning curve for a new business blogger, more traffic and faster results.
      In Business Blogging ABCs Revealed by HiveFire