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    2. Content Curation Survey Says it’s the New “It” Thing

      Content Curation Survey Says it’s the New “It” Thing
      It should come as no surprise that content curation has become a mainstream tactic for the majority of marketers. In fact, the 2012 survey found that 95 percent of marketers had curated content in the past six months. Of those respondents that indicated they had not knowingly curated in the past six months, 100 percent of them had, by sharing an article, blog post or other content with a prospect ...
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    1. I'm calling this class of users Social DJ's
      In Steve Rosenbaum: MySpace is Reborn as Social Curation
    2. The social stream is a means to filter success. Relying on friends and a personal network to filter the news and point out the best stuff solves that problem Shirky identified.
      In @Mashable: How News Consumption is Shifting to the Personalized Social News Stream
    3. With 82% of online users accessing social networking sites, social marketing content has become a critical battleground in the quest for customer mindshare and brand differentiation.
      In Hearsay Social Unveils Content Exchange, Fresh and Relevant Social Media Content for Marketers