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    2. Can Brands Mourn? Not Without Trust

      Can Brands Mourn? Not Without Trust
      It feels natural to say 'a family mourns,' but to say 'a company mourns'not so much. Many argue this is business's fault. As Carlos Abler notes, every day business communities ignore individual and commonwealth best interests, putting shareholders or personal careers above all else. So when brands try to actually act with humanity it shouldn't be surprising how often it backfires and people respond with cynicism. Princes ...
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    3. Do You "Social"ize with Your Customers?

      Do You "Social"ize with Your Customers?
      Altimeter Group recently released an interesting report discussing the value of relationship economics. Simply defined, relationship economics says that when businesses value people and experiences, they will see an increase in profitability and customer loyalty. Jaimy Szymanski highlighted some of the key findings from the report. One interesting insight? Socially engaged companies are more likely to drive greater lead generation. Companies must become digitally savvy to compete for customers and ...
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    4. Curation according to the Experts

      Curation according to the Experts
      Discussing content curation best practices with 4 of the premier curation softwares, Paul Chaney takes a pass at putting together best practices to getting starting with curation. Asking the thought leaders about curation benefits, market education amoung other things. Each of their responses are a little different. It's interesting to see how each perceives curation and how best to use it as part of a marketing strategy. "Content curation ...
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    5. Feed Reading is Only Getting Worse

      Feed Reading is Only Getting Worse
      Alex Kessinger writes a long form article on the state of feed readers, and online article consumption. He talks about tools, human preferences, and the economics of feed reading. He writes that the online content reading has been only getting worse as publishers struggle to make money: To make a buck at scale, publishers have to do ever more advertising against ever less original material, stretched out into ever more ...
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    6. 9 Amazing Content Curation Resources

      9 Amazing Content Curation Resources
      Heidi Cohen writes about 9 amazing content curation resources and challenges facing marketers: While content marketing quickly went from whats that to must have in 2012, the biggest challenges marketers face are producing enough of the right type of content and having resources, both budget and staff, for creating content. Content curation supplements original content for both broadly and narrowly focused topics. In the article she says that production of ...
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  3. Quotes about Social Media

    1. The new skillset required by salespeople involves creating content as digital bait, deploying social media and partnering with marketing.
      In "Content is Digital Bait"
    2. Paper.li is shaping the modern state of publishing, by matching context and content from diverse streams of social media information and packaging it in an easy to consume manner.
      In Paper.li Shapes the Future of Curation With Veteran Team of ...
    3. If your social media engagement is stuck on the content creaton planning – change your plan. Your company can still add value as a content curator. In the pharmaceutical industry (as an example), patients crave reliable information that helps them manage their health and feel a sense of community. Healthcare companies can achieve both objectives without ever penning a single blog.
      In 'Content Curators' Save the (Blogging) Day! | Flack Me