1. Social Media Strategies

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    2. How to Create A Written Strategy to Succeed in Social

      How to Create A Written Strategy to Succeed in Social
      Social media is, undoubtedly, and important part of most marketer's digital strategy. According to Social Media Examiner, 91 percent of marketers believe social media is important to their strategies. There are, however, some road blocks. Most marketers (59 percent) don't know how to measure social media ROI. Social media is changing rapidly and consequently, creating a succinct, written strategy is difficult. Caitlin Burgess, contributor to TopRank Marketing Blog ...
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    3. How to Fix Your Social Media Engagement

      How to Fix Your Social Media Engagement
      For many marketers, social media has become a let down. Starting as a medium that allowed organic interactions between a brand and their audience, social media is now almost purely a pay-to-play endeavor. According to Joshua Nite at TopRank Marketing, this could actually be a good thing: Youre free from having to post on Twitter three times a day, Facebook 1.5 times, and so on. Now you can focus ...
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    4. Make Twitter One of Your Content Promotion Channels

      Make Twitter One of Your Content Promotion Channels
      Social media is a valuable tool for identifying influencers and activating and converting members of your audience. Twitter in particular is one of the most influential content and social media channels, blending a dynamic of your personal life and professional persona. Polish your profile, plunge into the Twittersphere, and marketing results accumulate over time. Prior to sticking your neck out though, make sure your Twitter profile captures everything you want ...
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    5. Moving Beyond Social to an "Omni-Social" Community

      Moving Beyond Social to an "Omni-Social" Community
      Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and the rest have aggregated digital consumer attention to such an unprecedented degree they've forced companies to take an if you cant beat em, join em approach to online community. Given we spend more than 25% of our time online on social media, it's crucial to know how to effectively promote content on social media. With the substantial decline in free organic ...
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    6. Turn to Content Marketing for Long-Term ROI

      Turn to Content Marketing for Long-Term ROI
      There's a reason why 88% of marketers use content marketing: it has a significant influence on most online marketing strategies. If you're unconvinced of the power of content marketing and/or need to justify content investment to your boss, then check out the 10 value points of content marketing provided by Jayson Demers, Founder and CEO of AudienceBloom. Here are just a few of them that stand out ...
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    7. Content Marketers, Me! Me! Me! is Unacceptable Behavior

      Content Marketers, Me! Me! Me! is Unacceptable Behavior
      Heidi Cohen, an influential marketing expert, tells us to stop egocentric content marketing. In her detailed overview of each of the different types of social media content we should be using, she reiterates the importance of content curation: For social media content distribution, curated content is a necessity because shouting: Me! Me! Me! is unacceptable behavior. Followers will stop listening to you. To this end, you should share 9 pieces ...
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    8. Social Media Marketing and Thought Leadership

      Social Media Marketing and Thought Leadership
      These two concepts go hand-in-hand. According to Wikipedia, a thought leader is “recognized for innovative ideas and demonstrates the confidence to promote or share those ideas as actionable distilled insights.” Positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry can be a significant factor in online marketing success - and social media is one of the best mediums for demonstrating it.
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  3. About Social Media Strategies

    Because social media is emerging at a rapid pace (and is still quite recent overall), organizations often establish a presence organically rather than strategically. In most cases, this evolution is appropriate to a point at which the organization needs to develop a strategy for its social media use and integration into the overall marketing strategy.