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    2. Four Keys to Improving Marketing Performance

      Four Keys to Improving Marketing Performance
      Accurately measuring content performance can feel elusive for many content marketers. While all good marketers want to prove the efficacy of their programs, not that many know how andhave the time to calculate it. James Thomas, CMO of Allocadia, elaborates: Marketers often fail to understand the layers and inputs that go into optimizing their teams performance. Instead, they defer to shortcuts or arbitrary measurements, putting them at risk of hurting ...
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    3. Easy Ways to Stretch Your Content Marketing Investment

      Easy Ways to Stretch Your Content Marketing Investment
      As marketers, we always have to be thinking about how to get more mileage out of limited resources, and repurposing content is a great way to do that. In fact, based upon a recent study of 1,030 marketers, only 21% of marketers have a specific process in place to ensure optimal content reuse and repurpose. Joshua Nite of TopRank Marketing offers five suggestions to "turn undervalued content into content ...
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    1. Pinterest is the first social network that is delivering tangible and measurable social ROI.
      In Content Curation on Pinterest: How Brands Can Track ROI with Pinfluencer