1. Promotional Strategy

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    2. Go Beyond Social When Distributing Your Content

      Go Beyond Social When Distributing Your Content
      Promoting and distributing content is just as important as creating it.But it's difficult to execute distribution and promotion well.Fifty percent of content created gets eight shares or less,according to BuzzSumo. While most marketers understand the importance of sharing and distributing content, determininghowto do so beyond sharing on LinkedIn and Twitter is another matter. In truth, there are hundreds of methods outside traditional social platforms to share ...
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    3. Why No One Cares About Your Emails

      Why No One Cares About Your Emails
      With so many sexytools to choose from, email is often overshadowed by the next shiny distribution method. If you're not seeing results this is often especially true. Butemail drives more conversions than both search and social. For this reason, email is central to marketing success. Marketing Insider Group CEO Michael Brenner argues that email is the most important facet of your distribution strategy: Blogs may generate leadslike a machine ...
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    4. How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy for Content Promotion

      How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy for Content Promotion
      Content strategy and production are key focus areas for marketers; however, content promotion is often at the bottom of marketers' priorities. The smartest marketers understand the importance of promotion to boost the success of their content (e.g., using content promotion tools such as those in this ultimate list). Tapping into the power of influencers is another surefire way to help promote your content. In an SEMrush blog post, Radomir ...
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    5. A Must Have Tactic for Content Marketing Success: Link Building

      A Must Have Tactic for Content Marketing Success: Link Building
      You may have the greatest content in the world; however, this means nothing if no one knows about it. Put another way, promotion is a KEY part of a great content marketing strategy. One facet of promotion link building. As described by Kayla Tarantino of Vertical Measures, Link building, put simply, is the process of acquiring links from external websites to your site. Links are votes of popularity from one ...
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    6. Google Killed Side Ads - Now What?

      Google Killed Side Ads - Now What?
      As great as your content may be, it won't get very far without the right types of promotion; and paid promotion is a big part of most of our content marketing distribution strategies. It's no wonder then that many people began to panic when Google killed sides ads. In fact, changing the SERP (search engine results page) not only impacted paid promotion, but it impacted organic search results ...
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    7. What's Content without Promotion?

      What's Content without Promotion?
      Although there is a large focus on content marketing, it is still important to measure content's impact on marketing as a whole. So the question becomes, how can this content generate more traffic, leads, and revenue for your business? According to Zach Etten, content promotion is the answer. He states thatpromoting content to various websites is a step that must not be forgotten. Instead of allocating 100% of your ...
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  3. About Promotional Strategy

    Choosing a target market and formulating the most appropriate promotion mix to influence it.