1. Lead Nurturing

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    2. Try These 5 Minute Lead Generation Hacks

      Try These 5 Minute Lead Generation Hacks
      From content marketing to email marketing to social media, marketers across B2B industries invest significant time and resources in lead generation. Fifty three percent of marketers say half or more of their budget is allocated to lead generation. Yet 80 percent of marketers report their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective. PureB2B contributor Johanna Rivard explains that many lead generation efforts are ineffective because: Everyone receives marketing ...
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    3. Content That Leads to Leads Explained

      Content That Leads to Leads Explained
      Some marketers use tools that attribute revenue directly to content marketing. Others are not so lucky. They have to track correlating metrics to determine whether or not their content is driving revenue. Both groups however, can credit at least one of four key characteristics of their content and community for generating leads and ultimately, revenue. Trust Building If your audience were to land on one of your content channels to ...
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    4. The Buyer’s Journey Doesn't Stop After Sale

      The Buyer’s Journey Doesn't Stop After Sale
      The idea of the buyer journey has evolved drastically over the past decade. Initially conceived of as a linear path from education to purchase, the journey has evolved into a fragmented, non-linear path. This is largely a result of the amount of content increasing online. Now, marketers focus on relationship building between their brand and potential customers. Content plays a huge part in that process.70 to 90 percentof the ...
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    5. How to Generate Leads with Referrals

      How to Generate Leads with Referrals
      Referrals are the unsung heroes of many marketing programs. They help potential customers gain trust in your brand, help you target customers that are the right fit, increase your reach, and accelerate the speed that leads move through the pipeline.According toHeinz Marketing, companies with formal referral programs reported nearly two times more leads coming from referrals compared to companies without referral programs. Johanna Rivard at PureB2B blog has this ...
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    6. Using Nurture Tracks to Facilitate Conversions

      Using Nurture Tracks to Facilitate Conversions
      One common tactic to help prospects hit important milestones in the buyers journey is to leverage the power of nurture tracks. Nurture hacks provide relevant content based on visitors interests and behavior. They help your audience reach a point where they are ready to take more deliberate action, such as volunteer for a demo or connect with sales. Nurture tracks can be executed through social, advertisements, emails, or a combination ...
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    7. Use Interactive Content to Generate More Qualified Leads

      Use Interactive Content to Generate More Qualified Leads
      The traditional approach to marketing campaigns and generating new names typically involves sending out an something like an eBook, leads come in, 30-40 days later they're qualified, then finally once theyre considered Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) sales has a conversation. Why are we waiting so long to qualify these leads? If it's taking too long and we're also sending too many unqualified leads to sales, what could ...
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      Mentions: Lead Nurturing
    8. Does Lead Scoring Have Impact?

      Does Lead Scoring Have Impact?
      Lead scoring has become a popular lead management tactic used among many marketers to judge a prospect's level of interest in a product. An infographic by Lead Lizard states that 58% of marketers use lead scoring as a way to improve their marketing effectiveness. Veronica Maria Jarski from MarketingProfs highlighted this infographic which revelead several key findings: Not everyone remembers to include some of the most important stakeholders the ...
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    9. Are You Misusing Your Marketing Automation Platform?

      Are You Misusing Your Marketing Automation Platform?
      Marketing automation platforms have become increasingly popular as they cater to the needs of all business sizes. Small businesses have the ability to run complex campaigns, and large businesses can connect with each of their customers in a personalized way that may not be achievable manually. Having said that, marketing automation platforms can be costly if not used correctly. Chris Bucholtz states five different ways marketers can misuse this technology ...
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    10. "Lead" the Way with Interactive Content

      "Lead" the Way with Interactive Content
      Lead generation has become a concern for B2B marketers as 78% recently stated it to be their biggest challenge. Fortunately, incorporating interactive content into your strategy will allow you to head down a path of acquiring better and more qualified leads. Seth Lieberman states that interactive content has three main benefits: facilitating dialogue, creating a value exchange, and delivering content in new, exciting ways. Lieberman highlights the benefit of exchanging ...
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    11. 10 Tips and Tricks for Creating Content

      10 Tips and Tricks for Creating Content
      Creating content doesnt have to be hard. Here are some content-creation strategies that were shared. By now, most brands understand the importance of content. In fact, HubSpot found that companies that blog get 97% more inbound links and 55% more web visitors than those that dont. Still, creating content on a regular schedule poses some challenges. This 10 point list gives you some creative ways to feed your content beast.
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  3. About Lead Nurturing

    Lead nurturing is all about having consistent and meaningful dialog with viable prospects regardless of their timing to buy.  It’s about building trusted relationships with the right people.  In the end, it’s the act of maintaining mind share and building solid relationships with economic buyers.  It’s not a sales person calling up every few months to find out if a prospect is “ready to buy yet.”