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    2. Content Curation: 3 Vital Resources

      Content Curation: 3 Vital Resources
      To create a sound content marketing strategy, many marketers are turning to content curation to provide their audience with varied perspectives. According to recent research, the best content marketers are using a mix of 65% created content, 25% curated content and 10% syndicated content. To reach this desired mix, it is important to properly allocate resources. Meagan Myers and Steven Lewis provide three ways to leverage resources in order to ...
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    3. Content Tips from the NYTimes Innovation Report

      Content Tips from the NYTimes Innovation Report
      The New York Times Innovation Report reviews their digital publishing strategy and includes insights and recommendations to help marketers keep up with the ever changing online publishing landscape. This brings about many insightful tips that content marketers can start putting into action today. Marko Saric provides us with 30 content marketing lessons from the report. Here's one of Marko's tips: Mine your content archives.Repackage and republish content ...
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    4. How to Manage a Successful Outsourced Content Team

      How to Manage a Successful Outsourced Content Team
      Creating enough content is consistently listed as a top challenge for today's content marketers. Content curation is an excellent way to publish high quality, relevant content consistently to support created content, but how you can create enough original content without breaking the bank - or the backs of your in-house writers? Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular way for organizations to publish created content on a regular basis as it ...
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    5. Why Great Content Doesn't Cut it

      Why Great Content Doesn't Cut it
      You may be creating and curating high quality pieces of content, but why are they falling flat? Having great content on it's own isn't enough to break through the noise of today's online publishing industry. You need to take a few necessary steps to ensure it succeeds. Here are a few reasons why great content doesn't always make it. Youre not promoting it. Its true that ...
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    6. Inspiring Content Culture without an Executive

      Inspiring Content Culture without an Executive
      Content marketing is no part-time job, and it's important to have a strong, dedicated content marketing team led by an executive to have a successful strategy. However, what if your organization lacks the resources to fund a content leader? How can organizations still craft a successful content plan without a full-time team? Jayson DeMers of Forbes answers this question. Jayson suggests inspiring existing employees with knowledge about your customer ...
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    7. The Dawn of the Curator

      The Dawn of the Curator
      Pawan Deshpande of Curata writes in Destination CRM about the rise of the role of a curator with respect to finding content online as information consumers, and as marketers as publishers. In the editorial, he questions the efficacy of Google in finding the best content: Aside from a smorgasbord of other factors, Google primarily ranks content that has the most inbound links. While it can get us part of the ...
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    8. Google News Ranking Factors Revealed in Patent

      Google News Ranking Factors Revealed in Patent
      An in-depth look at Google's patent for some of the algorithms at work reveal some very interesting elements to their ranking algorithm. While some expected factors include frequency of news publication, or the length of the articles, some of the more surprising factors include number of authors for the source (staff size), writing style, usagepatterns, global reach of the news source, breadth of coverage and more. For curators, these ...
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    9. Joe Pulizzi: More content is not always better

      Joe Pulizzi: More content is not always better
      Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute rants about how many content marketers are stuck in an endless race to publish the most content without caring about quality. He suggests a head-check to make sure that we all are actually producing relevant and high quality content: This responsibility falls on every one of us. It is on us to change our wicked ways and stop the contamination that comes from ...
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    10. Startup raises $1M to deliver curated news with virtual anchors

      Startup raises $1M to deliver curated news with virtual anchors
      TechCrunch reports on a new startup that raised one million dollars to generate virtual anchors using text-to-speech and mildly animated virtual anchors. The technology seems very basic, and the demo videos are hokey. The company is also launching the alpha version of its product today, which aims to be the next generation in online news delivery, by pairing text-to-speech technologies with online news and blog feeds to create curated, personalized ...
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    11. Econsultancy: Curation is one the 6 content marketing trends to watch this year

      Econsultancy: Curation is one the 6 content marketing trends to watch this year
      EConsultancy quotes Gabe Rivera of TechMeme around the growth of curation in the coming year as one of the major trends. Rivera talks about an objection commonly held by many about launching a curation site -- that they are competing with other curated outlets: Rivera recently said in an interview that people launching curation projects are making a mistake thinking they are in competition with other curation sites, and that what ...
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    12. How to Effectively Curate Content to Appeal to Search Engines

      How to Effectively Curate Content to Appeal to Search Engines
      Eight tips on how to curate content that makes it more appealing to search engines. Especially in the light of Google's more recent updates such as Panda. For example here's one recommendation: In the wake of the game-changingPenguin updatefrom Google, the words recent and relevant are practically synonymous. Updating your curated collections on a daily basis is a shrewd SEO move for content curators looking to make a ...
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