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    2. Always Be Testing! (Your Marketing)

      Always Be Testing! (Your Marketing)
      Good content marketers have a strategy for achieving their aims. Leading content marketers have a documented strategy for achieving their aims, and they diligently measure and analyze the results of what they do. Inevitably the results of these analytics invite questions. Would my email newsletter get higher open rates in the morning or the afternoon? Do headlines with lists generate more social shares? The way to find out isto quote ...
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    3. Is Content Curation Your Missing Ingredient?

      Is Content Curation Your Missing Ingredient?
      Have you perfected your content marketing recipe for 2015? Recent research shows that the best content marketers are using a mix of 65% created content, 25% curated content and 10% syndicated content. If you have yet to put content curation in place, or you are hoping to improve upon your current efforts, fear no more. Forinspiration, Carly Stec of IMPACT provides five stellar examples of content curation done right. One ...
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    4. Expert Insights on Content Marketing ROI

      Expert Insights on Content Marketing ROI
      It can be difficult to measure ROI on your content marketing efforts, especially when it comes to social media. Readers aren't on social media to buy, they're there to consume information, engage with your content and share it with their peers. So how can you calculate the ROI of your social media efforts? Cindy King at Social Media Examiner provides us with tips from 25 experts. Set Goals ...
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    5. Content Marketing Meal Plan

      Content Marketing Meal Plan
      Jason Miller shares well-balanced blog advice with us on LinkedIn's Marketing Solutions blog, using my favorite analogy - food. Jason's infographic goes over the main blogging food groups: grains, vegetables, meat, etc. Whole What Grains: Hearty and filling, you can quickly dish out this basic content daily. How-to posts; Sharing influencer/third-party posts; Useful, relevant topics for marketers; Repurposing old content. The infographic continues on with desserts (easily digestible ...
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