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    2. B2B Content Curation Habits and Activity

      B2B Content Curation Habits and Activity
      After analyzing about a million posts, Curata found that curated sites updated daily generate 18 percent more click-thru activity than those updated weekly. The same trend was seen in email newsletters and social media as well. Higher click-thru volume went to those channels that were updated daily rather than weekly. Email newsletter growth is significantly affected by how discerning the curators are. For example, curators that published less than 50 ...
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  1. Feed Your Content Need

    It takes time a lot and energy to find the RIGHT content.


    Curata find the content on your chosen topic and intelligently optimizes based on your content needs.


    Want to see how Curata and keep your content flowing?

  2. Feed the Content Beast eBook

    How to Feed the Content Beast (without getting eaten alive)

    Download this great resource to learn some new tips and tricks on optimizing your content, curated or original. Foreword by Ann Handley of MarketingProfs.


  3. Quotes about HiveFire

    1. Important to clarify is that we at HiveFire are not advocating the complete replacement of content creation efforts via curation, Today's smartest B2B marketers know there is simply too much content available to process manually -- this means finding a solution for automating efforts -- the solution is curation.
      Taariq Lewis in Content Curation Defined as Next Level of B2B Content Marketing by HiveFire
    2. I am excited to join HiveFire to help carve out the future of Curata.
      In HiveFire Appoints Bivha Singh to Vice President of Product Management