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    2. Run Your Content Creation Operation Like A Museum

      Run Your Content Creation Operation Like A Museum
      Content curation is often described as a product of the Digital Age, but earlier forms of news aggregation were already being practiced in the early 90s. In this article, Jonathan quotes industry thought leaders on how they run their content curation strategies. To be a good content curator, you must think like a museum curator, observers noted. Marketers need to assemble collections of uncommon pieces that will resonate with their ...
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    3. More Brands See Curation Value

      More Brands See Curation Value
      When the tax and consulting firm McGladrey sought to extend its voice among company directors and senior executives, it created a curated site called Board Member Brief. The site posts links to stories from Bloomberg, Forbes, and other media outlets that interest its audience. One story suggests that companies need to disclose political contributions; another explores whether Facebook will distort the Nasdaq. "The curation of content for us has a ...
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    4. Flack's Revenge: @HiveFire Enables Content-rich Blogs. A review by @robgeller

      Comment "Rob Geller connects HiveFire with Robin Good's newsmastering. HiveFire is newsmastering for marketing executives." - Taariq Lewis
      Flack's Revenge: @HiveFire Enables Content-rich Blogs. A review by @robgeller
      So, my ears perked up when the name HiveFire was mentioned in a client meeting recently, within the context of blogging platforms that make it easy to launch and maintain content-rich sites via built-in newsmastering capabilities. Keeping your blog fresh and interesting takes a serious commitment and hard work. Solutions such as HiveFire's alleviate some of that pressure by making it easier to surround your posts with relevant news ...
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    1. By creating Green Data Center News, Verne Global became the singular, most important company in their industry.
      Pawan Deshpande in Run Your Content Creation Operation Like A Museum