1. Curation

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    2. Content Marketing: A Must for Emerging Brands

      Content Marketing: A Must for Emerging Brands
      If youre looking to establish your new business, you dont just find the biggest business in your space and punch them in the mouth. You need brand recognition. One of the best ways to build brand recognition is content marketing. Here are three reasons why content is the perfect initiative for an emerging business. Credibility To todays audience, a business with desolate content channels looks dead or dying. This is ...
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    3. Topical vs Evergreen Content: When, Where, and Why

      Topical vs Evergreen Content: When, Where, and Why
      Managing a content marketing strategy is a balancing act in many ways, whether youre balancing time, the moving parts of a content engine, or a consistent content tempo. Curata advocates for a content strategy that balances curated content alongside your original content, but what should the nature of your original content look like? Lets examine evergreen versus topical content. Topical content addresses developing news, events, or trends, and is often ...
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    4. R.I.P. the Shuck 'n' Jive Salesperson

      R.I.P. the Shuck 'n' Jive Salesperson
      At the turn of the millennium a salesman had the world where he wanted it. He was the keeper of all collateral to drive business conversations. In fact, he controlled the majority of the sales process at his cadence. With today's Internet speeds and the new consumer path to purchase, we've witnessed the death of thegatekeeper of information, "shuck and jive" salesperson. Nowall the information a prospect or ...
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  3. About Curation

    Curation is an evolution of content aggregation. In short, it is about finding the nuggets of good and relevant content – whether video, blogs, articles, or short messages on Twitter – around a core topic and presenting that information through a single source whether that is a newsletter, RSS feed or micro-site.

  4. Quotes about Curation

    1. Content curation, the process of finding, organizing and sharing content to add value for an audience, has taken off as the leading tactic for the next-generation of content marketers.   We're pleased that a forward-thinking organization like Aternity has been recognized for their curated site.
      Pawan Deshpande in Aternity® Named as Finalist in 2011 American Business Awards | PRLog
    2. They want more than curation. But curation's the best they can hope for.
      Bob Garfield in Bob Garfield: Mad Prophet of Madison Avenue speaks on old media needs for curation
    3. We have partnered with Digital Marketing Days to demonstrate the business case of content curation and provide extra value to the event's sponsors, exhibitors and attendees.
      Pawan Deshpande in Content Curation Specialists HiveFire Partner With Digital Marketing Days to Unveil Online Portal for Real-Time Event Highlights and Marketing News | Earth Times News