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    2. Improve Your Promotion To All Three Audience Segments

      Improve Your Promotion To All Three Audience Segments
      Marketers understand that creating and publishing content is not enougheven if the content is spectacular. The diminishing returns of organic reach require us to find clever alternatives to extend the reach of our content. To give your content the exposure it deserves, these tips will help optimize for all three basic media audiences. Owned Audiences This segment has already approved you to deliver them content. This opens up several opportunities ...
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    3. There's No Formula to Going Viral - Is There?

      There's No Formula to Going Viral - Is There?
      How would you feel if you wrote the most-shared post on a subject in the last six months? How about the most-shared post ever? Every content marketer worth their salt wants to create viral content. Going viral isn't just success; it's validation. Buzzsumo's Steve Rayson offers tips on how they recently created the most shared piece of content marketing content in the last six months: One way ...
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  1. Feed Your Content Need

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  2. Feed the Content Beast eBook

    How to Feed the Content Beast (without getting eaten alive)

    Download this great resource to learn some new tips and tricks on optimizing your content, curated or original. Foreword by Ann Handley of MarketingProfs.