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    2. Three Marketing Areas AI Will Improve

      Three Marketing Areas AI Will Improve
      For all the buzz around artificial intelligence in marketing, theres just as much confusion around the subject. Some marketers are concerned about becoming expendable because of ambiguity around AIs potential implications. They shouldnt be. AI is slated to help marketers do two things: achieve better results and be more productive. The advent of automated data-decisions can help marketers in the following ways. Reporting Reporting and measurement is central to marketing ...
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    3. Artificial Intelligence: Friend, Not Foe

      Artificial Intelligence: Friend, Not Foe
      After decades of digital platforms indexing data across industries, artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to use this data to improve insights and efficiency for businesses. AI is already leveraged in day-to-day consumer uses such as navigation tools and newsfeeds. Now businesses are increasingly tapping into AIs full potential. Suhash Talwar of Atomic Reach explains the impact of artificial intelligence on content marketing: According to Gartners predictions, 20 percent of all ...
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    4. Data or Intuition: What's Behind Your Content Strategy?

      Data or Intuition: What's Behind Your Content Strategy?
      Data can help determine what content to create, how best to distribute it, how to personalize it to audience segments, and how to streamline your internal processes. On average however, companies only analyze 12 percent of the data available to them. And according to Conductor, 38 percent of content marketers rarely even use data. While intuition and creativity are important to content marketing strategy, data is essential. Eighty percent of ...
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