1. Content Curation

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    2. Everyone Curates; It's Your Commitment That Counts

      Everyone Curates; It's Your Commitment That Counts
      You may not realize it, but everything you do and everything you think comes down to curation. Our minds are programmed to do it; it’s how we survive and thrive. Making basic decisions like which restaurant to eat at or what pair of shoes to buy can be fun, and people enjoy the process of searching and picking, absorbing and critiquing. Well I’m here to tell you that ...
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    3. Google Buzz: Content Curation for the Masses

      Google Buzz: Content Curation for the Masses
      On Tuesday, Google announced the release of its newest tool for the content curator: Google Buzz. Buzz allows users to share their best information, opinions and dialogues with friends through Gmail. While sites like Twitter are great engines for information sharing, Buzz helps individuals find the right information, integrate and automatically share that content with friends. Buzz also automatically syndicates content sourced through Blogger, Google Reader, Picasa and other tools.
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    4. Baratunde Thurston on Content Curation, Real-Time Search, and "Analytics Porn"

      Baratunde Thurston on Content Curation, Real-Time Search, and "Analytics Porn"
      In New York City, on the 16th floor of the Roger Smith Hotel, we caught up with social media superhero Baratunde Thurston, web editor for The Onion. Thurston started getting into this whole "Internet" thing in simpler times when the social web was called Usenet. He now carves out his niche at the overlap of the Venn diagram of comedy, politics, and tech. As an official Internet old-timer who makes ...
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    5. Online News Content And Distribution Strategies: Content Curation And User Syndication Are Next

      Online News Content And Distribution Strategies: Content Curation And User Syndication Are Next
      What future and opportunities for online news? " After more than five years of Wikipedia building both its content and its brand as a " go-to " source for freshly updated topic-oriented content that dominates search engine results, it dawns on some folks in the news business that perhaps there is a business model in there somewhere. " Photo credit: juliengron Content media expert , and Content ...
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    6. The age old acronym "R&R"

      We all need Rest and Relaxation: It’s why we work hard; it’s our free time to collect and enjoy ourselves – to unwind. Real R&R comes with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done your homework; that you have earned your vacation. It is here that a new type of R&R: Relevance and Recurrence brings paralleled contentment to marketers by providing them with some needed time off.
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    7. Content Curation: Why Is The Content Curator The Key Emerging ...

      Comment "Thank you Anne. We curated your excellent piece for our blog, as well." - Taariq Lewis
      The closest comparative role may be contained within the rising Library 2.0 movement (one I wrote about some time ago), but this is not frequently linked to business communication or marketing. If this role did exist, what would it be ...
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  3. About Content Curation

    Content curation is not a new concept, but for organizations that publish their own content online it can be the next evolutionary step. But naturally it does require those organizations to loosen their reigns on the source of the content presented. In other words, organizations shouldn’t hesitate to mix branded, client-generated content with third-party content or perhaps even user generated content.

  4. Quotes about Content Curation

    1. Content curation, the process of finding, organizing and sharing content to add value for an audience, has taken off as the leading tactic for the next-generation of content marketers.   We're pleased that a forward-thinking organization like Aternity has been recognized for their curated site.
      Pawan Deshpande in Aternity® Named as Finalist in 2011 American Business Awards | PRLog
    2. We have partnered with Digital Marketing Days to demonstrate the business case of content curation and provide extra value to the event's sponsors, exhibitors and attendees.
      Pawan Deshpande in Content Curation Specialists HiveFire Partner With Digital Marketing Days to Unveil Online Portal for Real-Time Event Highlights and Marketing News | Earth Times News
    3. Content curation holds more promise than nearly any other tool in the business bloggers arsenal.
      Taariq Lewis in Business Blogging ABCs Revealed by @HiveFire