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    2. B2B Content Curation adds a new competitive channel to influence online vendor preference

      A curated collection can be analyzed for additional information that can drive competitive intelligence and marketing response. With a curated collection of content, visitors will express their intention and preferences across both original and curated content. This additional intelligence is a new competitive resource for the firm. Without curation, most firms can only measure which of their original content was of value to their customers. Those firms that curate will ...
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    3. #HubSpot Blog: 4 Tools for Lazy People to Find News Online. But who's #curating news for your customers?

      #HubSpot Blog: 4 Tools for Lazy People to Find News Online. But who's #curating news for your customers?
      This problem of too much noise has created a market for web companies to build solutions that help individuals filter information in an effort to save time. Taking time and effort to create ways to filter information online is hard work and most of us would rather be lazy.
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    4. Federal court decision shows 'hot news' doctrine still persists. A threat for content curation?

      The $75000 question is what the Barclays case means for other online news aggregators, as well as social media more generally. Will the major newspapers be able to use this case to revive a robust hot news misappropriation doctrine ... But this logic vastly understates the social benefit contributed by news aggregators, as well as bloggers who curate and comment on the news without expending effort to create it, and it ...
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    5. Is Content Curation anything like Museum, History or Library curating? We say Yes.

      Comment "Thank you, Sophia. I believe that marketers could learn more from researchers and traditional curators than just the term. A ..." - Taariq Lewis
      Therefore, to compare social media and museum or library curating we should ask: Do social media curators conduct research around specific topics? Do social media curators select the best information, around these topics, and then organize this information into relevant collections? Do social media curators represent curated, social media in a particular narrative that highlights the relationship and relevance between each artifact of information? Finally, do social media curators then ...
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    6. Content #curation delivers engagement wins in the attention economy and authority economy

      Thus, companies that curate the voices, of authority, around the issues of their customers have a unique opportunity. Those who curate and share these conversations will receive leadership and authority from their readers. Companies need to show such authority in order to secure the valuable attention of their customers. However, you're only going to believe that such authority can be conveyed, by curation, if you also believe that aggregating ...
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    7. College of Association Marketing: Are we Overwhelming and Stressing our members? 371 unread blog posts can hurt.

      College of Association Marketing: Are we Overwhelming and Stressing our members? 371 unread blog posts can hurt.
      Here is what I have to read right now— A bloglines reader with 371 unread blog posts Tweetdeck filled with 734 unread tweets The latest issue of Associations Now which is still in its polybag The latest issue of Folio which has not even been touched The last Membership Developments quarterly e-newsletter still unopened in my outlook inbox Almost all of this is work related as I don’t really ...
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    8. A Successful B2B Social Media Strategy Requires Relevance

      A Successful B2B Social Media Strategy Requires Relevance
      B2B businesses are making significant social media efforts without generating business ROI. Our customers tell us that the amount of time and energy that goes into daily social media marketing seems obtuse; they work hard to share a lot of content on a lot of channels, but that content does not lead to more sales or more qualified prospects. So why invest in social media? Most businesses know they should ...
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  3. About Content Curation

    Content curation is not a new concept, but for organizations that publish their own content online it can be the next evolutionary step. But naturally it does require those organizations to loosen their reigns on the source of the content presented. In other words, organizations shouldn’t hesitate to mix branded, client-generated content with third-party content or perhaps even user generated content.

  4. Quotes about Content Curation

    1. Content curation, the process of finding, organizing and sharing content to add value for an audience, has taken off as the leading tactic for the next-generation of content marketers.   We're pleased that a forward-thinking organization like Aternity has been recognized for their curated site.
      Pawan Deshpande in Aternity® Named as Finalist in 2011 American Business Awards | PRLog
    2. We have partnered with Digital Marketing Days to demonstrate the business case of content curation and provide extra value to the event's sponsors, exhibitors and attendees.
      Pawan Deshpande in Content Curation Specialists HiveFire Partner With Digital Marketing Days to Unveil Online Portal for Real-Time Event Highlights and Marketing News | Earth Times News
    3. Content curation holds more promise than nearly any other tool in the business bloggers arsenal.
      Taariq Lewis in Business Blogging ABCs Revealed by @HiveFire