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    2. Streamlining Content Production with Templates

      Streamlining Content Production with Templates
      Proper planning prevents poor performance. This is as true for content marketing as any other realm, and content marketers frequently leverage an established workflow to improve content production. To make the creation process more predictable and improve the likelihood of success, many content teams use templates. Particularly for teams with multiple stakeholders, content production templates are a must. Content marketing requires scale and consistency. Templates help ensure consistent content deliveryand ...
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  1. Feed Your Content Need

    It takes time a lot and energy to find the RIGHT content.


    Curata find the content on your chosen topic and intelligently optimizes based on your content needs.


    Want to see how Curata and keep your content flowing?

  2. Feed the Content Beast eBook

    How to Feed the Content Beast (without getting eaten alive)

    Download this great resource to learn some new tips and tricks on optimizing your content, curated or original. Foreword by Ann Handley of MarketingProfs.


  3. Quotes about Content creation

    1. By delivering high-quality news, trend stories and in-depth features each day, Global Communication Today eliminates the need for time-consuming web searches by global marketers and communications professionals and provides a trusted, single industry resource for deep insight and valuable information about global content creation, delivery and consumption.
      In Lionbridge Launches Real-Time Online News and Information Portal for Executives Managing ...
    2. Important to clarify is that we at HiveFire are not advocating the complete replacement of content creation efforts via curation, Today's smartest B2B marketers know there is simply too much content available to process manually -- this means finding a solution for automating efforts -- the solution is curation.
      Taariq Lewis in Content Curation Defined as Next Level of B2B Content Marketing by HiveFire
    3. For a lot of people that still don't understand content creation, they think it's just picking up third-party content.
      Richard Turcott in HiveFire’s Report on Content Curation Explains the Right Balance for More Page Views