1. Brand Building

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    2. Does Your Company Need a Soap Box to Succeed?

      Does Your Company Need a Soap Box to Succeed?
      People prefer to buy from companies that stand for something. According to Cone Communications, 87 percent of Americans will purchase a product from a company that advocates for an issue they care about. Alicia Tillman at D!gitalist Magazine weighs in on how this impacts B2B marketing: This trend is turning marketing on its head, as purpose is fast becoming the number-one driver of brand value. The recentBrandZ Top 100 ...
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    3. Building Your Brand With Content Marketing

      Building Your Brand With Content Marketing
      A brand is one of the most valuable assets a marketer has. The impression a brand creates goes a long way towards gaining a new audience member or customer. It's fiendishly hard to create a brand from scratch though. There are many ways to do it, but many marketers overlook how you can use content marketing to build your brand. Juntae Delane at Digital Branding Institute shows the effects ...
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    4. Can Brands Mourn? Not Without Trust

      Can Brands Mourn? Not Without Trust
      It feels natural to say 'a family mourns,' but to say 'a company mourns'not so much. Many argue this is business's fault. As Carlos Abler notes, every day business communities ignore individual and commonwealth best interests, putting shareholders or personal careers above all else. So when brands try to actually act with humanity it shouldn't be surprising how often it backfires and people respond with cynicism. Princes ...
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  3. About Brand Building

    The overall process of developing a brand, from identification of the opportunity, assessment of the business landscape, visioning, creation of the look, roll-out and long-term brand management strategies.