1. Brand Awareness

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    2. Content Curation for SEO and Brand Awareness Purposes

      Content Curation for SEO and Brand Awareness Purposes
      Informative blog post dicussing the content curation process and how it helps with SEO. Great illustrations to show the process. Content curation sites are like social media platforms. They have their common similarities which is "content sharing."... like humans, websites have its own needs in order to exist and gtraffic is one of its needs. It's like the food that you feed your website.
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    3. Twitter Content Curation Tips

      Twitter Content Curation Tips
      Several reasons why you should be curating on twitter: If you, as a savvy Twitter marketer, managed to constantly provide curated content in your tweets, your tweeple will be grateful that you saved them burden of doing it on their own. As a result, your Twitter influence will skyrocket in no time. Here are 7 more reasons why Twitter marketers should master content curation.
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    4. Social Media Top Channel for Sharing Curated Content

      Social Media Top Channel for Sharing Curated Content
      Some 95 percent of surveyed marketers say they have curated content in the past six months.  Among marketers surveyed, roughly one in three (32 percent) curate content daily, three in ten (31 percent) do so weekly, and one in five (21 percent) curate content on a monthly basis. Social mechanisms are a top, though not only, channel for sharing that content. 
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    5. Does Your Content Curation Strategy Have the X Factor?

      The X Factor has taken primetime TV by storm as the season embarks towards its final show in late December. Contestants compete against one another vying to be named the one with that indefinable “something” that makes for star quality. Often it is the attention to detail, willingness to be self-critical and drive to practice that sets the winner apart from the losers.
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    6. Brand Journalism Services: Need a brand journalist? Check scribenet.net

      Brand Journalism Services: Need a brand journalist?  Check scribenet.net
      The average Western adult sees more than 7000 messages a day, or about 500 per waking hour. In this overwhelming amount of impressions, marketers find it increasingly difficult to be heard and seen. Since their message is a form of what we might call “sponsored news”, it makes sense to look at what makes a platform relatively desirable for news consumers. Research has found that news consumers want customised news ...
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    7. Publishing alone will not help your thought leadership, but it will get you to the table!

      Comment "Ordinare Cialis Viagra And Dapoxetine Achat Cialis France Sans Ordonnance Www Viagraonlinepharmacyusa Is There Penicillen In Keflex Viagra Sale Online ..." - Kennnota
      Dale Bryce, the head of capability marketing at Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) contacted me about my post on content aggregation and I felt that his response was worth sharing here rather than losing in the comments section.  SKM is a global engineering services whom I have in fact covered in a previous post as an excellent case study [...]
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  3. About Brand Awareness

    Brand Awareness  refers to the strength of a brand’s presence in the consumer’s mind. Awareness is measured according to the different ways in which consumers remember a brand, ranging from recognition to recall to top of the mind.
    Recognitions reflect familiarity gained from past exposure. Recognition does not necessarily involve remembering where the brand was encountered before why it differs from other brands or even what the brands product class is. It is simply remembering that there was a past exposure to the brand. When consumers see a brand and remember that they have seen it before they realize that the company is spending money to support the brand. Since it is generally believed that companies will not spend money on products consumers take their recognition as a signal that the brand is good.
    Many companies, especially while introducing a new product in the market find that sales cannot be sustained without constant advertising. Sales charts always show a meteoric rise post-advertising burst. Companies often rerun advertisement on different channels over the year to sustain the brand awareness and ensure that the consumers are exposed to the brand.