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    2. Expect More with an Integrated Content Strategy

      Expect More with an Integrated Content Strategy
      Marketers who use an integrated content marketing strategy see significantly better results than those who create content alone. Here are four key steps to form a successful integrated strategy: Vision and RoadmapMarketers often debate the most important element to a successful content strategy. Paul Buckley of D Custom captures why a documented strategy has a strong claim for this title: It informs everything, from the content types you create to ...
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    3. Artificial Intelligence: Friend, Not Foe

      Artificial Intelligence: Friend, Not Foe
      After decades of digital platforms indexing data across industries, artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to use this data to improve insights and efficiency for businesses. AI is already leveraged in day-to-day consumer uses such as navigation tools and newsfeeds. Now businesses are increasingly tapping into AIs full potential. Suhash Talwar of Atomic Reach explains the impact of artificial intelligence on content marketing: According to Gartners predictions, 20 percent of all ...
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    4. Buying MarTech with Today’s Transparency

      Buying MarTech with Today’s Transparency
      Every new challenge marketers are faced with births new technology solutions. These tools require rigorous evaluation to determine vendor and buyer alignmentbut few tools deliver on expectations. Buyers continue to invest in software that falls short. Take these steps to avoid buyer's remorse. Outline Challenges This step involves people outside your immediate team. Share the pain youre experiencing with stakeholders and tie it back to organizational goals. Marketing Insider ...
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    5. The Great Creation & Distribution Conundrum

      The Great Creation & Distribution Conundrum
      Marketing teams are eagerly creating content at an unprecedented rate. TrackMaven suggests brands are publishing 800 percent more content than five years agoand theres no sign of slowing down. Whats alarming is the lack of reach and engagement with this content. The reason? Many content creation teams are too focused on content volume rather than content quality and promotion. In addition, teams responsible for content marketing lack budget for paid ...
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    6. Should You Still Create Downloadable Content?

      Should You Still Create Downloadable Content?
      Downloadable content is still a primary driver oflead generationfor most content marketers. We churn out eBooks, white papers, checklists, and other downloadable content pieces on a regular basis because they're meant to be an effective method for moving prospects through the funnel. But with all the changes in technology and content consumption, is this still the case? Yes, downloadable content is still relevantif you do it right. Johanna Rivard ...
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    7. How to Repurpose Like a Boss

      How to Repurpose Like a Boss
      Marketers will create loads of content this year. They should prioritize content with a long lifetime. With the proper planning, you can create content that delights your audience across formats and channels. Focus on What Your Audience Loves Look for definitive insights in your historical social and Google Analytics data. Hone in on the top topics of interest, and the audience for them This ensures youre writing for the correct ...
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    8. Reduce Buyer Stress with Sales Marketing Alignment and Data-Driven Content Marketing

      Reduce Buyer Stress with Sales Marketing Alignment and Data-Driven Content Marketing
      The B2B sales process has become a complex and sprawling experience for not just the seller, but the buyer, as well. Here are some things that keep buyers up at night: Product requirements Pressure from vendors Coordinating with stakeholders Decision paralysis Being on the hook from post-sale success By intentionally minimizing and avoiding these common stressors, vendors can create a painless sales experience for potential buyers. One way to do ...
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    1. We haven't seen the value in doing that teaser lead on our blog and then linking off to somebody else's site.
      In More Brands See Curation Value
    2. In many companies, the individuals who can create the most insightful blog content are often outside of marketing.
      Pawan Deshpande in Putting the Focus on B2B Blogging
    3. If your social media engagement is stuck on the content creaton planning – change your plan. Your company can still add value as a content curator. In the pharmaceutical industry (as an example), patients crave reliable information that helps them manage their health and feel a sense of community. Healthcare companies can achieve both objectives without ever penning a single blog.
      In 'Content Curators' Save the (Blogging) Day! | Flack Me