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    1. Snackable Content: Ideal for Today’s Lifestyle

      Snackable Content: Ideal for Today’s Lifestyle
      Snackable content refers to short, easily digestible content that caters to a modern audiences consumption tendencies. A reader can absorb a quick-hitting, snackable piece of content more easily than a long-form blog post. Its easier for them to share across their own networks and increases the likelihood of virality. Because reader attention span has diminished to 12 seconds as of 2016, bite-size content items have emerged as one of marketers ...
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    2. Getting Started with Contributed Content

      Getting Started with Contributed Content
      Guest posts serve as a valuable way to power your businesss content engine. They allow guest contributors to reach a broader audience, and ease a publications burden of content demand. Heres how to ensure you satisfy your guest contributors interests while also meeting your organizations goals. Meeting Expectations Because most editors appreciate the benefits of contributed content, they outline expectations that need to be satisfied for new content to be ...
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    3. Reduce Buyer Stress with Sales Marketing Alignment and Data-Driven Content Marketing

      Reduce Buyer Stress with Sales Marketing Alignment and Data-Driven Content Marketing
      The B2B sales process has become a complex and sprawling experience for not just the seller, but the buyer, as well. Here are some things that keep buyers up at night: Product requirements Pressure from vendors Coordinating with stakeholders Decision paralysis Being on the hook from post-sale success By intentionally minimizing and avoiding these common stressors, vendors can create a painless sales experience for potential buyers. One way to do ...
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    4. How to Use Social Media to Optimize Your Content Strategy

      How to Use Social Media to Optimize Your Content Strategy
      Consumers reside on social media platforms.90% of young adults aged 18-29 are on social. Its where they consume content and engage with brands. For this reason, marketers should leverage social media to grow their brand. As a marketer, growing your social media audience can improve your professional credibility, increase the visibility of your content, and allow you to share opinions with other thought leaders in your industry. Here are ...
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    How to Feed the Content Beast (without getting eaten alive)

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