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    1. 15 Killer Content Curation Tools to Keep Your Blog and Social Media Rich

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      15 Killer Content Curation Tools to Keep Your Blog and Social Media Rich
      ...ff that can curate and create content for you; second they have a great blog with lots of articles related to content curation and writing. This tool lets you curate content, but also lets you connect with others who are...
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    2. 7 Ways to Create Irresistible Content

      7 Ways to Create Irresistible Content
      Without a doubt, measuring your content's impact is a crucial aspect of content marketing. One key metric is the average time consumers are spending reading your content. When that number is significantly lower than industry benchmarks, it may be a good idea to analyze your content and its effectiveness. Creating compelling content is an undeniable way to grasp your audience's attention and potentially improve yourbounce rate. In this ...
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    3. How to Write Content Your Company Will Love

      How to Write Content Your Company Will Love
      The number one content marketing objective for companies is to drive sales and leads, as shown in our research. Sales teams often use content created by marketers to nurture opportunities as they make their way through the sales funnel. However, this collaboration between sales and marketing can sometimes be affected by lack of time, unawareness, or a disorganized content database. In this article, by Jenna Hanington, the author discusses five ...
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    4. Don't Let These Storytelling Mistakes Hold You Back

      Don't Let These Storytelling Mistakes Hold You Back
      Being a skillful writer is one of the most important traits of a successful content marketer. Without the ability to tell a story well, your audience will not be able to understand your message. Storytellingis a method of communicating a message in the form of a story, making the content appear more attractive and compelling. A great way to improve your storytelling skills is by avoiding mistakes that could potentially ...
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    How to Feed the Content Beast (without getting eaten alive)

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