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    1. How to Make Your Content More Linkable

      How to Make Your Content More Linkable

      For content marketing, success is measured against metrics such as page views, shares, and revenue. These are helpful for making decisions, but rarely provide a clear picture on search result position. As budgets for content marketing continue to grow, marketers need a concrete strategy that puts content at the top of search results. Here are some elements to bake into your content that will result in happy readers, thoughtful backlinks, and better search ranking.

      Original Research 

      Data tells a story. Everybody loves a good story. Original research sets the stage for interesting data, great content, and great results. Take time to understand common questions asked across your target audience, use tools to collect data, then summarize your findings in a meaningful way.

      Create Something Actionable

      Pair interesting data with a learning experience. Content that provides a lesson will increase chatter around your brand. Not only does this type of experience improve shareability, it boosts your reputation as a quality resource, helping inspire more backlinks.

      Involve Influencers

      Engaging with people that matter in your space is worth the effort.  Robert Lovell of Right Mix Marketing explains one way to get the ball rolling: 

      ...influencers in your sector are more likely to reciprocate if you have already extolled the virtues of what they have to offer.

      Creating shareable, linkable content isn’t always easy. But these are proven elements to give you your best chance of creating content that moves the needle.

      For more tips on creating linkable content, read Lovell’s original article below.


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    2. 6 Content Curation Tips to Captivate Your Target Audience | Right Mix Marketing

      6 Content Curation Tips to Captivate Your Target Audience | Right Mix Marketing

      Content curation is a tricky subject – it seems like a really simple task until you realize that there’s a lot more happening behind the scenes. Most people who aren’t familiar with the concept assume that it only involves sharing posts on social media. This is true enough on a basic level but when you actually look into it, curation requires constant research and learning. There are content curation tools that can pick the content for you but deciding what to post is the hard part.

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