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    1. Content Marketing through Email Newsletters

      Content Marketing through Email Newsletters

      Email newsletters are a powerful means for content marketing.  They allow you to regularly broadcast and deliver content to a wide user base.  However at the same time, they are an archaic electronic delivery format that lacks permanency or interactivity. This blog post includes things to consider when you're thinking about doing content marketing through newsletters.

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    2. Letter to NYT: Where's the trouble with curation?

      Curata CEO Pawan Deshpande responds to New York Times article “Pinterest, Tumblr, and the Trouble with ‘Curation’” (July 20, 2012) by Carina Chocano. Deshpande emphasizes the power of ethical curation, “curation done right,” over the common problem of regurgitated, unattributed information allowed from Pinterest and Tumblr users.  Read on for the full response.

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    3. 5 Rules for Content Curation on Twitter

      5 Rules for Content Curation on Twitter

      Twitter is a great best platforms for content curation, since its sole purpose is to allow users to share everything from brief thoughts to all forms of quality content.  Therefore, if you are thinking of trying out content curation, Twitter is a good place to start. However, you should follow some basic rules if you want to have the best chance of success with this popular social media platform.

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    4. Community Generating Benefits of Content Curation

      Community Generating Benefits of Content Curation

      Content curation is rapidly being employed by different types of web users, bloggers, site owners and social media users. There are several other benefits of content curation which make it a leading content marketing strategy. You may be familair with the main benefits of content curation, but here are a few more you may not be familar with.

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    5. Welcoming The Huffington Post to the Content Marketing Club

      The latest word on the street (and in AdAge) is that The Huffington Post is now working with ad agencies and marketers to help them build branded websites and assist in the creation, curation and distribution of content to brands’ key consumers. The site is already working with a “major consumer-goodsadvertiser” to create a branded website that offers lifestyle-oriented content, with a team of social marketers from the advertiser tasked with generating new site content and curating existing content from The Huffington Post. Execs at AOL Advertising (HuffPo is a subsidiary) said the publisher created the new service to keep up with the evolving marketplace where brands are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of producing and sharing strong content. Sound familiar? Those of us in the content curation world have been talking about the benefits of timely, relevant content for a while now and it’s great to see yet another major name get behind the growing cause. From Coca Cola and The Big Apple Circus to Curata customers like the Yankee Group and Connance, brands get it—and so do the whopping 95 percent of marketers that had curated content in the past six months in our recent Content Curation Adoption Survey. Now, so, too, does The Huffington Post. Welcome to the content marketing club!
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    6. 99% of Surveyed Marketers Use Content Marketing

      The survey of 389 marketers and marketing decision makers found that 99 percent of respondents had used at least one form of content marketing. Separately, consultants at McKinsey and Company found that 72 percent of respondents to a recent survey report that their companies are deploying at least one content marketing-related channel, and more than 40 percent say that social networking and blogs are now in use.

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    7. Vote for Content Curation Marketing Today!

      Vote for Content Curation Marketing Today!
      Exciting news! Content Curation Marketing Today has been nominated for the MarketingSherpa Blog Awards for Best B2B Marketing Blog.  In a few weeks, the MarketingSherpa folks will put the most nominated blogs in each category in a survey and have the MarketingSherpa audience vote on the overall favorite in each category for a readers choice award. We need your help! Please vote for us by posting the following comment: "I nominate http://www.contentcurationmarketing.com/ for Best B2BMarketing Blog" on http://sherpablog.marketingsherpa.com/marketing/readers-choice-blog-awards/ in the comments section. Thank you and keep curating! The Content Curation Marketing Today Team
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    8. 10 Tweetable Facts from the 2012 Content Curation Adoption Survey

      10 Tweetable Facts from the 2012 Content Curation Adoption Survey

      Our 2012 Content Curation Adoption Survey reflects that content curation has experienced significant growth in the past year and indicates that it will become even more mainstream in years to come.  To demonstrate just how lucrative content curation is in the marketing field, we have developed a list of tweetable facts that you can share with your followers.  Happy tweeting!

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    9. Upcoming Webinar: Content Curation is the cure for digital overload.

      Upcoming Webinar: Content Curation is the cure for digital overload.
      We'd like to invite you to attend a free webinar on May 17th, 1pm EST featuring Pawan Deshpande, CEO of Curata, Inc. and Steve Rosenbaum, CEO of Magnify.net and author of Curation Nation. Topic: We've arrived at a moment where the web is both a blessing and a curse. Information abundance has been replaced with Information overload. Customers must now make hard choices about what brands, publishers and sources they tune-in – and which they tune out.  The result is a need for anyone who connects with consumers to provide a rich and meaningful content mix.  That means more than content creation – it means content Curation. In this webinar you'll learn how to be heard, be found and become a go-to resource for your customers. Time: May 17th, 1pm EST Register Now: https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/s/showReg?udc=1cb1ovz98bdt
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    10. Content Curation Survey Says it’s the New “It” Thing

      Content Curation Survey Says it’s the New “It” Thing

      It should come as no surprise that content curation has become a mainstream tactic for the majority of marketers. In fact, the 2012 survey found that 95 percent of marketers had curated content in the past six months. Of those respondents that indicated they had not knowingly curated in the past six months, 100 percent of them had, by sharing an article, blog post or other content with a prospect or customer.

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