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    1. 10 Technical and Tactical Tips to Improve Your Business Today

      10 Technical and Tactical Tips to Improve Your Business Today

      There are many ways to improve your business, both technical and tactical from changing your tools to changing your outlook and approach. Here the small business community shares changes in tools and techniques both large and small that will make a big difference in how your company performs. Images are so important to any website or online marketing content. But you need images that are actually optimized if you want them to have the biggest possible impact. That’s where Imagify comes in.

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    2. How to See Clearer Results with Visual Content

      How to See Clearer Results with Visual Content

      There are multiple different ways to do content marketing. Some companies choose to strictly focus on written content, while others believe visual content is much more engaging. As far as visual content goes, it has proven to be a powerful tool used to better engage consumers. In fact, research shows that over 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. In this piece, Ann Smarty provides a seven step guide for incorporating visuals into your content marketing strategy. First step? Create a list of possible visual content.

      The first step is where so many people fall flat. Coming up with visual content ideas can be difficult, and you might feel like some aren’t up to scratch. We are going to put aside any critical thoughts you may have, and just brainstorm. Anything goes on the list, no matter how silly you may find it."

      Not sure how to implement visual content? Follow the rest of these steps to learn more. Make sure you are covering all of the bases by downloading our eBook, 4 Steps to Content Marketing Enlightenment.

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    3. Keep up with the Content Demand with Social Media

      Keep up with the Content Demand with Social Media

      Let's face it, coming up with new ideas for content can be a very frustrating task sometimes. With so much content already published, it is difficult to figure out what information consumers have not yet seen. In the quest for new content, marketers often forget the importance of keeping up with the demand. Sometimes consumers are not looking for new content but rather just relevant, educative information, in a timeline manner. In this post, Sujan Patel suggests seven ways marketers can find inspirational content for their social media accounts. One way? Sharing quotes.

      Quotes may be short on text, but can pack a powerful punch and get your point across quickly. Social media followers enjoy this type of content because it gives them a quick, often memorable principal that they can keep in their mind for the day."

      Having a hard time keeping up with the demand? Check out this article for more tips to help you out. Learn how to structure your content marketing strategy more effectively and efficiently by downloading our eBook, The Content Marketing Pyramid.

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    4. Top Tips to Upgrade Your Content Marketing Strategy

      Top Tips to Upgrade Your Content Marketing Strategy

      Your content is the bridge between potential consumers and your product. It is the first point of contact your audience will reach before even knowing what you do. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure your content is maximized to its full potential. However, content is only half of the puzzle. Marketing promotions takes the content and makes it visible to those who want it. By having the right content in the right place, you are facilitating the buyer's journey and ultimately expanding your brand. In this piece, Ann Smarty suggests eight tweaks to make the most out of your content marketing efforts. One tip? Focus on the content's purpose.

      Every content asset you publish needs to have a well-defined purpose. Every time you come up with the article idea or work on a content asset, keep asking yourself the following questions:

      • Is this content solving any problem?
      • Who am I targeting?
      • Would I find it useful if I find this article?"

      If you are looking to optimize your content and expand your reach, check out the rest of these tips. Don't have a content marketing strategy in place? Learn how to structure your content for success with our eBook, The Content Marketing Pyramid.

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    5. To Create Valuable Content, Think Audience First

      To Create Valuable Content, Think Audience First

      As content marketers, we are always trying to understand what our audience may be looking for from a consumer standpoint. For this reason, creating content that has real value for our audience is key to increasing influence. If we can supply our audience with useful information, they will continue to come back for more. In this article, Jeff Charles gives four tactics we can use to provide value with our content. One tip? Answer a question that is commonly asked by your audience.

      Content marketing works because it helps you build influence by providing something helpful to your readers. For this reason, you must make sure you are consistently creating relevant and useful content that carries a strong benefit for the reader."

      Read the full article to see the other content marketing tactics that Charles suggests. To learn more about how to provide value to your audience, download our most recent eBook, 2015 Content Marketing Tactics & Technology Planner.

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