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    1. How to Increase Your Blog's Exposure

      How to Increase Your Blog's Exposure

      Increasing blog traffic is a challenging necessity for marketers today. Without blog traffic, none of your other metricswhether social shares, pipeline touched, or leads generated—will follow. Content marketing is a long-term strategy for your business's growth, but there are some steps you can take today for immediate results.

      Cattis Friberg of Home Based Internet Marketing Business explains one of the struggles with creating a successful blog:

      Internet Marketing is typically a rather time consuming and slow-going process. It involves constantly posting new content to your own website, working to build links and relationships with other creators and generally doing a lot of work with very little reward to begin with.

      One of the best solutions for this particular issue is content curation. Curating and commenting on content allows you to increase your content production, improve SEO, build brand awareness, and establish credibility.

      In addition to content curation, marketers can use influencer marketing and paid channels to boost blog traffic. While paid channels give you guaranteed results instantly, they don't have a long shelf-life. Make sure your paid strategy is designed to help your blog for the long term.

      For more on growing your blog, check out Friberg's complete article below. 

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