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    1. Should You Use The Rio 2016 Olympics in Your Content Marketing?

      Should You Use The Rio 2016 Olympics in Your Content Marketing?

      The 2016 summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro combines the spectacle of a beautiful tropical seaside backdrop with some of the world's most attractive people. Many of the athletes aren't too hideous either.

      These sorts of images—let alone the worldwide attention devoted to them, should offer a goldmine of marketing potential. Shouldn't they?

      Possibly. But should you want to newsjack the event, beware that referring to any names, logos or images associated with the Olympics, if you aren't an approved sponsor or partner, will be considered ambush marketing, and poses serious ethical, let alone legal risks. 

      The Cyber Alert blog warns:

      While seemingly harmless, [ambush marketing] diminishes the value of corporate event sponsorships. Olympic organizers look unkindly on the practice and strive to squash it – and the law is on their side.

      This means it's going to be very difficult to market promotional content without incurring the wrath of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in the form of a nasty cease and desist letter—or worse. 

      Knowing what is ethical content marketing requires strong knowledge of both law and industry norms. You can find out more about both by downloading Curata's eBook: Content Marketing Done Right. For more about using the Rio Olympics in marketing, read the rest of the Cyber Alert blog via the link below. 

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