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    1. Secrets of Backlink Building Revealed

      Secrets of Backlink Building Revealed

      Link building is the single greatest key to improving your website's position in search engine results.

      How does it work? When Google sees a page getting links for a particular keyword, it infers the content must be relevant for the keyword and ranks that content in the top search results for that keyword.

      However, it's gotten much harder to build links than it used to be, partly because of vastly increased competition for backlinks—but partly because you're probably doing it wrong. Influencer Neil Patel has comprehensively examined the top five things to analyze and fix for optimum link building: 

      1. Your content is not on the mark

      2. You don’t try (enough)

      3. You request the wrong blogs

      4. Your way of asking for links is flawed

      5. Your request email is ineffective

      Neil gives thorough explanations for each of the five headings here, which you can read all about via the link at the bottom of this post. And if you have a documented strategy for every content marketing campaign you execute, backlinks will be built up systematically, rather than in an ad hoc fashion.

      Neil summarizes his advice thus:

      Email outreach is one of the best ways to get backlinks. But, to be successful, you’ll have to personalize your efforts. Just creating linkworthy content is not enough. Template emails will also just take you just so far.

      But, it all starts with creating great content. Use length, a unique spin, data and visual assets to create something that a blog’s readers will want to see.

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    2. Does Google Penalize You For Duplicate Content?

      Does Google Penalize You For Duplicate Content?

      The best content marketers will not only create high quality, original pieces of content, but they will also reuse and repurpose that content on their own media properties and elsewhere across the Internet. In addition their content may be replicated by third parties, either ethically or unethically. [see Content Marketing Done Right

      Neil Patel does a super job in a recently published post about how Google interprets duplicate content, as well as what you should do to protect yourself and your content from this inevitable result of good content marketing. Some key takeaways from this post include:

      • There’s no such thing as GOOGLE’S DUPLICATE CONTENT PENALTY.

      • [To get the most out of content curation, you should . . .] provide some insight, a fresh perspective or explain things in your own style.
      • The best way to syndicate content is to ask the republishing sites to declare you as the original content creator and also that they link back to your site, i.e., to the original content piece.

      It's a long post, but well worth the read. Do take the time and go through Neil's post. And if you're considering content curation or have already begun curation, check out this Ultimate Guide to Content Curation for strategies and tactics used by the world's best content marketers.

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