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    1. Crucial Steps For Creating a Digital Measurement Plan

      Crucial Steps For Creating a Digital Measurement Plan

      Measurement is one of content marketers' top challenges, according to a recent Staffing & Tactics Survey of 1,000+ marketers. In particular, tracking the impact of online content and other digital efforts is difficult due to the overwhelming amount of data available across disparate systems and teams. 

      Stephen Roda of Vertical Measures identifies four steps you shouldn't miss when creating your own digital measurement plan:

      1. Determine your digital goals and align them with business goals
      2. Establish baseline metrics
      3. Create an automated dashboard 
      4. Create monthly insight reports

      Today's marketing technology solutions enable us to create automated dashboards for monthly insights, as well as insights that can drive immediate change in our marketing plans. For example, here at Curata we've been able to instantly identify which types of content generate the most leads. Using the analytics in Curata CMP, we found out long form blog posts were responsible for nine times more leads generated and eight times more page views versus short form blog posts (find out more with Generate More Leads with Data-Driven Marketing). This modified our focus to rely more on long form blog posts for lead generation.

      This eBook contains a comprehensive list of metrics to help determine the full impact of content at every stage of your pipeline, while Stephen Roda's full post below has more on how to develop your digital measurement plan. 

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    2. A Must Have Tactic for Content Marketing Success: Link Building

      A Must Have Tactic for Content Marketing Success: Link Building

      You may have the greatest content in the world; however, this means nothing if no one knows about it. Put another way, promotion is a KEY part of a great content marketing strategy. One facet of promotion link building.

      As described by Kayla Tarantino of Vertical Measures, 

      Link building, put simply, is the process of acquiring links from external websites to your site. Links are votes of popularity from one site to another; they’re indicators to search engines that someone has found something of value on your site.

      According to Tarantino, three top reasons to acquire links to your content include:

      1. Links can increase organic traffic and referral conversions.
      2. Manual outreach can help to gain insight and feedback.
      3. Links can boost your content's rankings.

      Of course, even the best link building tactics still require that you create high quality content; including content that is "in-depth, useful and not self-serving" as highlighted by Tarantino. In fact, Curata's own content marketing activity demonstrates the power of in-depth content: Long form content generates 9x more leads than short-form content.

      Read through Tarantino's full post below to develop your link building tactics, and check out this 70+ page guide for how to create a content marketing strategy.

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    3. What's Content without Promotion?

      What's Content without Promotion?

      Although there is a large focus on content marketing, it is still important to measure content's impact on marketing as a whole. So the question becomes, how can this content generate more traffic, leads, and revenue for your business? According to Zach Etten, content promotion is the answer. He states that promoting content to various websites is a step that must not be forgotten. 

      Instead of allocating 100% of your content marketing budget to content creation, it’s critical to remember that without content promotion nobody will see your awesome content. . . the ability to granularly target your exact audience is critical to ensure your promotion budget is not spent targeting the wrong people."

      Thus, content marketing is not all about web traffic. Rather, the focus should be shifted towards content promotion, and placing content in front of the desired audience, even if it's at a price. To learn more about sponsored content, read Etten's full post. 

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