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    1. Tips for Getting Started with Content Curation

      Tips for Getting Started with Content Curation

      Christine Whittemore covers some best practices for Content Curation gleaned from an info360 panel with Pawan Deshpande and Arnold Waldstein:

      Arnold, Pawan and I discussed content curation intensely in preparation for your session. Out of those conversations, I extracted several Content Curation tips or best practices for you to think about as you get started curating content.

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    2. Why IFTTT Could Be the Killer Blogging Tool for 2012

      Why IFTTT Could Be the Killer Blogging Tool for 2012

      Interesting article on how IFTTT can be repurposed as a curation tool:

      Bloggers are busy folks. We shoehorn post writing, promotion, and networking in between day jobs, family time, and sleep (sometimes). That’s why I get all warm and fuzzy when I discover a time saving tool that works as advertised. The latest tool, “If Then Then That” (IFTTT) has got me shouting from the roof tops.

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    3. Top 5 Most Shareable Content Types

      Top 5 Most Shareable Content Types

      With so much content that you can share, how do you pick what will be the most well-received by your audience? This article provides a brief overview of five types of content that work well.

      Truly shareable content establishes authority and builds the social capital of a website in the form of comments, likes, shares and links. It's the substance of brand engagement

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    4. 5 Tools to Help With Content Curation

      5 Tools to Help With Content Curation

      Holly Caruso covers 5 of her favorite personal curation tools that help her get information she needs every day as a consumer rather tahn a marketer:

      How do I save time sorting through my emails and searching on the web for news that matters to me and my organization? Personalized Content Aggregators. There are a ton of ways to find news online and there are more and more platforms that focus on personalizing your news stream based on interests. So, after spending hours searching for the best, I’ve found five that, from hence forth, will make my search and content curating life much easier.

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    5. What's a 'CURATED' Email Campaign?

      What's a 'CURATED' Email Campaign?

      Great article providing a new take on how to optimize your email campaigns and engage your audience more fully using a curated email.

      It’s really a powerful way of providing your email subscribers with something they don’t usually expect. It’s an idea to keep them well-informed, educated and entertained so that they start looking at you as a ‘niche expert’. It’s all about winning the trust and gaining the confidence of your email subscribers.

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    6. Sources, Tools & Tricks To Curate Content… From Your Smartphone

      Sources, Tools & Tricks To Curate Content… From Your Smartphone

      SocialMouths covers reviews consumer mobile applications that can be also used to help with curation on the go:

      But successful content curation is an activity that should be established as an everyday process. A morning process that takes just the necessary time and energy so you can move on to more important things… like running your business. This process should allow you to curate quality content, quick and on the move.

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    7. Build Your Content Factory From The Ground Up

      Build Your Content Factory From The Ground Up

      A short blueprint on how to build a great "content factory":

      A content factory is a series of systems and processes that help you produce content quickly and efficiently.  If it sounds like an assembly line model where everyone plays a different role, you're on the right track.  But if your factory is going to churn out great content, you need to build it from the ground up with a blueprint...

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    8. Why Data and Contextual Analysis are Required for Good Decisions

      Why Data and Contextual Analysis are Required for Good Decisions

      Shelley Kramer writes about why context is so crucial these days when it comes to social media and social listening.  Many people just focus on just data but forget to place that data within context:

      And while we’ve made incredible progress on the technology front in the last few years, data in and of itself, without interpretation – without context – isn’t really all that valuable. People drive data. Situations drive data. Context drives what that data means and what you can ultimately use it to help you accomplish.

      Furthermore she puts forth a seven step framework for social listening, applying context and making decisions.  

      The article is a good remind about one of the most important aspects of curation.  As a curators, our role is not only to find relevant content (the needles among the haystack), but also to provide context and clearly explain why these data points are so important and how they apply to the broader discussion.

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    9. Curation as a Habit of a Top-Notch Content Creator

      Curation as a Habit of a Top-Notch Content Creator

      HubSpot lists out ten habits of top tier content creators.  Among them, no surprise, is content curation.  

      Create a backlog of content ideas, dabble in content curation, think about a topic from a new perspective, load up your RSS reader with other blogs in your industry and regularly refer to them to spark ideas -- the possibilities are endless!

      However, rather than citing curation as a way to publish more content, they cite the benefits of content curation in helping to generate more ideas for content creation to overcome writer's block.

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