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    1. Robots vs Humans: The Future of Content Curation

      Robots vs Humans: The Future of Content Curation

      The importance of being a concious curator - the human element in the curation process is the only way to be successful.

      Consumers and brands are both becoming content curators. The big question is who will win the content curation war: robots or humans? Consumers are humans (one assumes) who curate based on their taste and follow peers and influencers with similar tastes to curate from. Brands are not humans, though consumers hear from them every day through social and have a crafted personality. And for many brands, the robots are the curators.

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    2. Hearsay Social Unveils Content Exchange, Fresh and Relevant Social Media Content for Marketers

      Hearsay Social launches a content curation module to their social media distribution platform:

      Hearsay Social today launched Content Exchange, a content curation platform that allows marketers and salespeople to easily discover, curate, and post engaging updates to their profiles across all the major social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. As part of the launch of Content Exchange, leading media companies have partnered with Hearsay Social to offer its customers the latest in financial news, entertainment news, photos, video, lifestyle articles, and other content.

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    3. Why Content Marketing?

      Why Content Marketing?

      Idio makes a short video on why we should all be doing content marketing:

      It defines the subject, discusses market shifts, explores the goals of content marketing, and looks at some of the implications in terms of technology and strategy... Let’s answer the question why content marketing, and let’s find out why Seth Godin says ‘Content Marketing is the only form of marketing left’.

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    4. Content Curation: Helping Employees Avoid Information Overload « Learning in the Cloud

      We live in an information age, exposed to ever-increasing amounts of data, news, ideas, opinions and conversations about information. Talk shows, tweets, blog posts, newsletters, email, instant message, news tickers, cable TV.

      Curating means researching, finding and buying the best training resources (whether off-the-shelf courses or otherwise) – and creating content only when necessary.

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    5. 4 ways content curation could influence the Presidential election « NewsCred Blog – Thoughts on the Future of News

      4 ways content curation could influence the Presidential election « NewsCred Blog – Thoughts on the Future of News

      Interesting thoughts on how content curation could shape politics this year

      With the Presidential election less than six months away, campaigns are ramping up. In 2008, social media served as a reinvigorating force, contributing to the highest voter turnout since 1968 according to the Federal Election Commission. Four years later, experts have begun to discuss even more new and innovative methods that candidates will use to leverage their success in 2012.

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    6. Content Aggregation & Curation: Tools for Journalists

      Content Aggregation & Curation: Tools for Journalists

      Summary of how media organizations, not marketers, are using content curation tools instead of just RSS feeds:

      While publishers choose to utilize aggregation and curation platforms in a variety of ways, the main point is clear: Many media companies see benefits in collecting content from around the Web. Publishers find curation can attract and retain readers by offering the best of all content, rather than the best of just their own content. Here are a few ways publishers are deploying these platforms to add to their site's content:

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    7. Become a Content Curation King

      You are invited to participate in a ClickZ-Google Analytics industry survey for trends in mobile marketing and apps. You'll also be entered to win a free iPad or 1 of 2 free passes to SES Conference & Expo. Man vs. Machine April 24, 2012 How Editorial Content Can Jump-Start Your Email Marketing March 21, 2012 Why Every Brand Should Care About the Facebook IPO February 15, 2012 Google Will Use Homepage to Protest SOPA/PIPA Bills January 17, 2012 Marketers Rush to Google+ After Search Change Janua
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