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    1. Curation at #SXSW 2011: We need your help for Crowd Sourced Submissions

      Curation at #SXSW 2011: We need your help for Crowd Sourced Submissions
      Last year at SXSW, Steve Rosenbaum of made waves about content curation by predicting that over the next year the “curator” will become one of the top five jobs.  In 2011, we are planning on heading to SXSW to continue the content curation saga and share how content curation is no longer just a
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    2. 6 Reasons why Content Curation Tools may NOT be for you

      6 Reasons why Content Curation Tools may NOT be for you
      Following the lines of 7 Reasons NOT to do Content Marketing, I put together a list of reasons why some individuals and organizations may NOT want to include content curation or use of content curation tools as a part of their content marketing strategy.  Since content curation is a means of bolste
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    3. Guest Post: Joanna Hamblin @GoodNatureGirl: What is Content Curation and How Can it Help Shape Green Biz?

      Guest Post: Joanna Hamblin @GoodNatureGirl: What is Content Curation and How Can it Help Shape Green Biz?
      This post comes from Joanna Hamblin. Connect with her @GoodNatureGirlContent curation refers to the work of aggregating and editing digital content (news, blogs, social media, events, etc) as part of an online strategy to nurture leads and build an online community.
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    4. SEO vs. PPC is a non debate for B2B Marketing. To secure maximum quality leads, cheaply, is all that matters.

      The ongoing debate on the greater of conversion effectiveness between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-Click (PPC) is a non debate for B2B marketers. If the objective of B2B marketing is to secure quality leads for the sales team, at the lowest possible cost, then all that matters is delivering the maximum quality-lead impact to sales with the highest return on investment. Below I will share some thoughts on how marketers can change the framework of the debate by asking different questions of their Paid Search and Organic Search strategies.
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    5. The Foundation of your Content Marketing Pyramid: Content Curation

      The Foundation of your Content Marketing Pyramid: Content Curation
      Content marketing relies on content and lots of it, in many shapes, forms and sizes.  Many proponents of content marketing have been focusing on how you can leverage your existing content towards building out your content marketing strategy. For example, you can take an eBook and slice it into twen
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    6. Three ways in which Content Curation helps Marketers overcome lengthening sales cycles

      Although most B2B marketers understand the “who, what, when and why” as prospects enter the funnel, keeping up with the key issues that drive initial prospect interest is difficult. Content curation allows companies to capture and share a comprehensive collection of relevant content key to the current issues which drive customer interest and search for a solution. Delivering authority before there’s a sales pain establishes a history of insight and commitment to a topic.
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    7. The Apple iPad is relevant for B2B Marketers as traditional publishers retreat from niche markets

      With content curation, B2B marketers, the newly emerging industry trade-publishers, can deliver new niche, periodicals to their audiences of customers. Additionally, as niche markets demand that their publishers deliver increasing relevant industry content, B2B marketers that curate will be able to easily satisfy this demand. Thus, B2B marketers may be a new and compelling competitor to traditional publishers that previously controlled the flow of information. As traditional publishers seek new platforms for advertising and subscriptions, such as the iPad, their focus on niche markets will continue to decrease and move elsewhere.
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    8. The Internet transforms online news into B2B content marketing engagement: It’s a consumption experience!

      In my view, news, as we have grown up to understand the concept is no longer correct in an online, always-on world. What we call “news” today has transformed and become part of the engagement story, online beyond the original definition. News is mainly an information consumption experience, not an information production output. B2B marketers who understand the influence of this new form of “news” can collect, curate, and engage with customers in a novel way. They can also secure an edge against competitors who are stuck in traditional definitions of news and marketing for customer engagement.
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    9. Curating relevant industry news content can increase authority and trust in B2B marketers

      Curating targeted and relevant industry news content delivers dynamism and sociability to support the B2B buy cycle. B2B buyers are already overloaded with periodical information hundreds of various RSS feeds, custom newsreaders or news sites. There is a unique opportunity for marketing executives to increase their authority by adding relevant, curated news content to their current, content marketing activity.
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    10. B2B Content Curation adds a new competitive channel to influence online vendor preference

      A curated collection can be analyzed for additional information that can drive competitive intelligence and marketing response. With a curated collection of content, visitors will express their intention and preferences across both original and curated content. This additional intelligence is a new competitive resource for the firm. Without curation, most firms can only measure which of their original content was of value to their customers. Those firms that curate will have an additional competitive view into what content is driving customer interest.
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    11. Is Content Curation anything like Museum, History or Library curating? We say Yes.

      Therefore, to compare social media and museum or library curating we should ask: Do social media curators conduct research around specific topics? Do social media curators select the best information, around these topics, and then organize this information into relevant collections? Do social media curators represent curated, social media in a particular narrative that highlights the relationship and relevance between each artifact of information? Finally, do social media curators then present their collections to share with the public?
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    12. Content #curation delivers engagement wins in the attention economy and authority economy

      Thus, companies that curate the voices, of authority, around the issues of their customers have a unique opportunity. Those who curate and share these conversations will receive leadership and authority from their readers. Companies need to show such authority in order to secure the valuable attention of their customers. However, you're only going to believe that such authority can be conveyed, by curation, if you also believe that aggregating relevant content does not reduce the value of the article to the reader. If aggregating content reduced value to the reader, then HuffPo wouldn’t successfully secure millions of recurring readers to its website, daily. Part of that site's impact is the authority, as well as relevance, of its bloggers and writers.
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    13. B2B Social Media: Senior marketing executives want control.

      However, the problem, from my perspective, is one of control. Who controls Social Media in the organization? Does it fall under Corporate Marketing or Marketing Communications? If Social Media ROI doesn’t deliver, as promised, who’s responsible, the eMarketing Manager or her boss? Finally, if an eMarketing or Social Media Manager positively impacts revenue growth, how does the firm properly reward that individual and encourage the rest of the organization to support that success?
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    14. A Successful B2B Social Media Strategy Requires Relevance

      A Successful B2B Social Media Strategy Requires Relevance

      B2B businesses are making significant social media efforts without generating business ROI. Our customers tell us that the amount of time and energy that goes into daily social media marketing seems obtuse; they work hard to share a lot of content on a lot of channels, but that content does not lead to more sales or more qualified prospects. So why invest in social media? Most businesses know they should, but do not know how to do so effectively. According to Dr. Neil Hair of the E. Philips Saunders College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology, “Only one in seven companies have a formal process in place for deploying social networking tools.”

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    15. One Tip for Online Brand Leadership

      Many of our customers tell us that becoming the key industry resource online is a top priority that they fail to accomplish. This status is typically reserved for analysts, an industry association, an industry publication or a news website. But there is a competitive edge available to those companies who want their prospects to treat them as a key industry resource for a specific issue during and after the buying process
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