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    1. Calculate Influencer Marketing ROI

      Calculate Influencer Marketing ROI

      Influencer marketing has quickly become a trend in the marketing sphere. Unfortunately, this tactic is largely underused in the B2B marketing subset. Only 11 percent of B2B companies are running ongoing influencer marketing programs, compared to 48 percent of B2C companies. This isn't surprising, "influencers" aren't nearly as self evident in the B2B marketing space.

      TopRank Blog Contributor Alexis Hall explains how Lee Odden is urging us to rethink influencer marketing:

      What if we think about influence more holistically. Lee points that you don’t have to be a Kardashian to be influential. From singing the praises of the battery life on your new iPhone8 or telling your coworker about the new software you’re testing in your department, we’re all influencing each other.

      Here are other ways you can improve or track your influencer marketing ROI:

      • Collect quotes: Use influencer quotes in multiple pieces of content. Repurpose their quotes by using them on social media, sprinkle them in blog posts, or do an influencer advice roundup and gate it to generate more leads.
      • Create relationships: Make sure you're "paying it forward" in the influencer marketing sphere. If you're not helping create value for influencers, it's unlikely they'll want to help you.

      For more on how to prove your influencer marketing is generating ROI, check out Alexis Hall's complete post below.

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    2. Why Would You Directly Challenge Your Audience and Influencers?

      Why Would You Directly Challenge Your Audience and Influencers?

      Sales and marketing challengers are those who challenge common practices, thoughts and approaches. Rather than reacting to a buyer’s agenda, they take control of the sales conversation. Taking a challenger perspective to your audience helps them develop alternative views and new solutions to their problems. 

      Reasons NOT to challenge:

      Being a contrarian: Challenging the norm can be very valuable, but it's not a full-time gig. Having your identity be “that person who disagrees with everyone” might earn an audience, but probably not the one you want. Pick your battles and don’t be the industry leading naysayer.
      Clickbait: Providing your audience value is the core goal of all marketing, and you will not fall into their good graces by pulling them in with just a provocative headline. Be prepared to back up your position. Kristina Jaramillo of Marketing Insider Group explains how she got the best impact:
      ... by getting specific and pinpointing the specific faults in the thoughts, ideas and actions of experts that many are following, we got prospects to stop in their tracks.
      Reasons TO challenge:
      Showcase the value of your alternative: Following up your critique with an alternative angle is where you earn the real points. If your perspective is coming from a product organization, suggest another product (or a DIY means) that can substituted. Otherwise, use your fresh idea to elevate yourself as a thought leader on the subject.
      Engage Influencers: Incorporating industry influencers into your conversations should be a recurring goal. Challenging your influencers is a great way to do this, and doesn’t necessarily mean calling someone out for being wrong. It might just be: “I’m not sure this is the best way.” Allow room for a candid, friendly dialogue.
      The most common formats for people using this strategy are blogs, curated posts, and via social media exchanges.
      Learn more about why Jaramillo engages influencers in healthy debate via her original article below.
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    3. Tools and Tactics to Improve Content Creation

      Tools and Tactics to Improve Content Creation

      As a content marketer, your first step to connecting with an audience is by creating content. There is a vast galaxy of content tools available at your disposal to help with content creation, as a quick look at Curata's ultimate content marketing tools list will attest.

      The next question is, how can you use content marketing tools to help you understand your audience? Tom Whatley talks more about this in "3 Customer Research Tactics to Help Content Creation." In it Whatley highlights various tools such as Google Analytics, Woopra, and Mention—amongst others—to research how customers interact with your content.


      Whatley highlights that,

      Companies that focus on their customers are 60% more profitable than “non-customer-centric” companies according to Deloitte.

      Ultimately, your customers are the ones whose problems you've been able to solve. Creating content around that profile helps you identify who your next potential customer could be.

      If you're looking for more ways to help you create content, Curata partnered up with Uberflip, Scorch, Kapost, and Skyword to create an amazing eBook on content creation. Tom has more on three tactics that help yield information from your customers via the link below.

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    4. Secrets of Backlink Building Revealed

      Secrets of Backlink Building Revealed

      Link building is the single greatest key to improving your website's position in search engine results.

      How does it work? When Google sees a page getting links for a particular keyword, it infers the content must be relevant for the keyword and ranks that content in the top search results for that keyword.

      However, it's gotten much harder to build links than it used to be, partly because of vastly increased competition for backlinks—but partly because you're probably doing it wrong. Influencer Neil Patel has comprehensively examined the top five things to analyze and fix for optimum link building: 

      1. Your content is not on the mark

      2. You don’t try (enough)

      3. You request the wrong blogs

      4. Your way of asking for links is flawed

      5. Your request email is ineffective

      Neil gives thorough explanations for each of the five headings here, which you can read all about via the link at the bottom of this post. And if you have a documented strategy for every content marketing campaign you execute, backlinks will be built up systematically, rather than in an ad hoc fashion.

      Neil summarizes his advice thus:

      Email outreach is one of the best ways to get backlinks. But, to be successful, you’ll have to personalize your efforts. Just creating linkworthy content is not enough. Template emails will also just take you just so far.

      But, it all starts with creating great content. Use length, a unique spin, data and visual assets to create something that a blog’s readers will want to see.

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    5. Why You Need a B2B Sales Content Strategy

      Why You Need a B2B Sales Content Strategy
      If you sell the way you did 10 years ago, you don’t need a sales content strategy. There’s little strategy required to tell people about your company, products, features — just don’t forget those benefit statements! But if you’ve truly adopted a customer-centered sales philosophy you know you have new requirements. The new realities of […]

      The post Why You Need a B2B Sales Content Strategy appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

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    6. Who do B2B Tech Buyers Trust and What This Means for Marketers

      Who do B2B Tech Buyers Trust and What This Means for Marketers
      By Mike Neumeier, APR, Principal at Arketi Group Recently we hit a generational milestone – millennials have officially become the largest generational group in America’s workforce. This got us thinking. We wanted to understand how this much-hyped group was impacting B2B enterprise tech purchasing. We looked around to see if anyone had studied this and […]

      The post Who do B2B Tech Buyers Trust and What This Means for Marketers appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

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      Mentions: IBM CMO B2B marketing
    7. How New SaaS Companies (& B2B Startups) Should Be Using Content Marketing

      How New SaaS Companies (& B2B Startups) Should Be Using Content Marketing
      CMI’s 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Survey found that 88% of B2B companies are using content marketing. Why? Because it works.   Content improves customer and brand relations. It can influence purchasing decisions. It can rank in the search results and drive qualified traffic to your site. It can encourage people to link back to […]

      The post How New SaaS Companies (& B2B Startups) Should Be Using Content Marketing appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

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    8. The Scientific Marketing Strategy Behind Exponential Growth

      The Scientific Marketing Strategy Behind Exponential Growth

      You blindly change your button to red because some article told you so. You blindly try marketing with Snapchat because it’s the latest craze. You blindly start guest posting because every marketing blog says so. You’re blindly implementing marketing tactics and hoping it’ll work. And that needs to stop. Stop relying on luck and praying something will work.

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    9. 6 Ways to Improve Your B2B Content Strategy

      6 Ways to Improve Your B2B Content Strategy

      A B2B content strategy is the key to your lead generation system. Content is made to attract, acquire, engage a clearly defined customer audience – and then drive profitable customer action. In order to build a successful content strategy your team needs to develop a larger, more cohesive story for your organization to share. It […]

      The post 6 Ways to Improve Your B2B Content Strategy appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

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    10. Using The Crystal Effect To Unlock New Content Ideas

      Using The Crystal Effect To Unlock New Content Ideas

      Content is a critical piece of any solid digital marketing strategy. Whether it be content for links, traffic, conversions, education, search, or any number of things. Sometimes, it’s a little challenging to find new content ideas, especially when you first write articles on a new topic. How do savvy content marketers succeed at coming up with great content ideas? Like a crystal, you can look at an idea from several different angles and come up with completely new articles to talk about.

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    11. Become a Super Connector: How to Work With 1,000+ Influencers

      Become a Super Connector: How to Work With 1,000+ Influencers

      There are dozens of ways to drive traffic to your site. Social media, online ads, direct outreach, billboards, bus stops. You name it, and some marketer has probably done it. But there’s one important, and frequently ignored, underlying force multiplier for many of these strategies. It has helped me: It’s even led to connecting with prominent people: So what’s the force multiplier I’m talking about? What is influencer marketing, you ask?

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    12. 4 Tips for Honing Your Content to Reach Gen Z

      4 Tips for Honing Your Content to Reach Gen Z

      Move over, Millennials—Generation Z is the freshest wave of movers and shakers to grace the online marketplace. Just out of high school, these incoming trendsetters don’t  know a world without smartphones, they have no clue what a two-hour wait time feel like, and Miley Cyrus probably makes more sense to them than she ever will to the rest of us.

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    13. The Path to Content Marketing Enlightenment

      The Path to Content Marketing Enlightenment

      Over 70 percent of marketers are increasing their content marketing spend, but few have a solid content strategy in place. Curata's latest eBook provides guidance on creating content like an industry analyst, making sure your content meets your readers' goals as well as yours, content curation tips and advice on how to navigate the world of content marketing specific technology.


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    14. Content Marketing Leads to 291% Increase in Social Referral Traffic

      Content Marketing Leads to 291% Increase in Social Referral Traffic

      A recent case study by Marketing Sherpa discovers that IBM is finding success with content marketing. The launch of their new dynamic website, the Big Data and Analytics Hub, is driving brand awareness and social engagement amongst their audience. 

      While the Big Data & Analytics Hub is an ongoing project, from January 2013 to January 2014 the site experienced: 

      • 291% increase in social referral traffic
      • 151% increase in organic search
      • 269% increase in average time spent on the website

      IBM was able to build a successful content marketing strategy by focusing not on what they wanted to tell their customers, but what their customers wanted to hear. Content must always be created with your audience in mind, otherwise it will lack relevance and reduce engagement - even if it is high quality. 

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    15. Begin your Journey to Content Marketing Enlightenment

      Begin your Journey to Content Marketing Enlightenment

      Curata's latest eBook, The 4 Steps to Content Marketing Enlightenment, reviews how marketers can adjust their marketing strategies to a stage where they are able to think like industry analysts, annotate curated articles using ethical best practices, calibrate goals before publishing content to meet readers' standards as well as campaign goals and tap into the power of content specific technology.

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    16. How to Find & Avoid Duplicate Content

      How to Find & Avoid Duplicate Content

      James Garman of VIA Innovation has a few tips and tools on how to avoid duplicate content to avoid SEO penalties.  He says that the burden is on you to find duplicate content and make sure it doesn't happen:

      Nobody likes to see their content on another site, especially if it is outranking your original article. Unfortunately, the battle with scrapers and duplicate content is an ongoing one, but the good news is that the search engines are working harder to come up with a resolution. In the meantime, it’s up to you to stay diligent about your content’s whereabouts and use preventative action so that you can get the credit you rightfully deserve.

      Many novice content curators are concerned that their curation efforts will result in duplicate content penalties because their content is excerpting content from another site.  However, curators can avoid such penalties by ethically curating content by taking limited excerpts from the original content, and taking the time and energy to annotate their content to add their own value.

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    17. How a Software company increased their list 130% with content curation

      How a Software company increased their list 130% with content curation

      In this case study, MarketingSherpa explores how an end-user experience management software company, Aternity, established trust with their audience, garnered relationships within their industry while promoting their own brand, through the launch of a content curation campaign. Read on to see how your company can excel in building such relationships through this content marketing strategy.

      Donna Parent, the VP of Marketing, there talks about her objectives:

      "It's not about promoting Aternity. It's not about promoting our product or our solution. It's about distributing highly relevant content to the community in the way they want it delivered to them"

      The full case study is available at MarketingSherpa's site.

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    18. STOP Egocentric Content Marketing

      STOP Egocentric Content Marketing

      The good news is that most marketers have adopted content marketing as a key part of their marketing strategy. 87% to be exact according to Curata’s most recent content marketing research. No longer are we telling buyers about our own products. We are now providing our own insight and guidance about the topics that are of greatest interest to them. We have evolved…or have we?

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    19. Content Curation for the Healthcare Industry

      Content Curation for the Healthcare Industry

      Shannon Dauphin Lee of HIT Consultant Media, in her recent post entitled "Why Content Curation Matters To Healthcare Professionals", provides great insight into the power of content curation coupled with content creation to help health care professionals better meet the patients' informational needs.  As she indicates, accurate and timely created content can be powerful, however:

      Blend them together with content curation, and you will provide a service that benefits everyone — you, your company, and the many readers and potential patients who need informative, reassuring answers."

      As Shannon indicates, there are some good free curation solutions available from Scoop.it and Paper. "Pay to play" solutions, such as that offered by Curata, not only offer the

      expert content that can’t be found anywhere else"

      but also offer a powerful organization, annotation and social sharing platform that will optimize engagement with your audience. One example of curation in action in Healthcare is Eye on OCT by Carl Zeiss Meditec.

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    20. Re-evaluting the Merits of Content Curation

      Re-evaluting the Merits of Content Curation

      Sara Palmieri, a Senior Marketing Manager for Lenovo, talks about how she is curating content for her brand.  She emphasizes that while many view curation as a means to build brand awareness, it's real ROI lies in its ability to generate qualified leads:

      The real – and often overlooked – power of content curation is how it can build up a story over time, by establishing a central location which audiences willingly turn to for new ideas and solutions. When used in this way, content curation becomes a powerful storytelling tool – and one which is especially suited to lead generation.

      She then covers how Lenovo curates content over several topic areas mapped to the buyer's interests to get them to trust them as a authority.  It's a rare look into how an establish brand is using curation front-and-center.

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    21. Where will the Washington Post go next?

      Where will the Washington Post go next?

      NPR writes about the state and the future of the media industry in light of Jeff Bezos's recent acquisition of the Washington Post.  In the article, Arianna Huffington says that the success of her media model is the mixture of  blogging, curation and commentary together have leveled the playing field for anyone online as compared to traditional media:

      The fact that we can have the prime minister of France next to a homeless teenager who has something interesting to say, is something that is very much at the heart of what distinguishes HuffPost as a purely digital operation.

      The article notes that while curation was initially shunned by media purists, sites like the Huffington Post have transformed it into a standard practice.

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    22. Curation in Action: How General Mills promotes Cereals

      Curation in Action: How General Mills promotes Cereals

      The New York Times reports on how General Mills have taken a high level approach to change the public image of high sugar sweetened ceerals by launching a brand-agnostic online campaign calls Hello, Cereal where they selectively curate recipes using cereals:

      It is a new framework to consider now that we’re in great conversations with the people that buy and enjoy our products. It’s important for us to be authentic and recognize what they want to share and hear about.

      For a fiercely competitive and commoditized cereals market, it's very forward thinking of General Mills to adopt curation and to further more embrace the best practice of curating competitor content to truly become an authoritative resource. 

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    23. How Content Curation can Help Brands Build Authority

      How Content Curation can Help Brands Build Authority

      An op-ed in the Guardian discusses how content curation can help improve a brand's trust and authority, but is often viewed with mistrust:

      Content curation is sometimes viewed with suspicion by prudent brand managers — and with good reason; any piece of content authored by a third-party that is republished by a brand has the potential to start all matter of headaches for the legal team. 

      The article also covers a few case studies such as Intel's IQ site.

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