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    1. Everyone Curates; It's Your Commitment That Counts

      Everyone Curates; It's Your Commitment That Counts
      You may not realize it, but everything you do and everything you think comes down to curation. Our minds are programmed to do it; it’s how we survive and thrive. Making basic decisions like which restaurant to eat at or what pair of shoes to buy can be fun, and people enjoy the process of searching and picking, absorbing and critiquing. Well I’m here to tell you that curating content can be fun too; it’s just a matter of knowing what you want and being determined to get it.
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    2. Google Buzz: Content Curation for the Masses

      Google Buzz: Content Curation for the Masses
      On Tuesday, Google announced the release of its newest tool for the content curator: Google Buzz. Buzz allows users to share their best information, opinions and dialogues with friends through Gmail. While sites like Twitter are great engines for information sharing, Buzz helps individuals find the right information, integrate and automatically share that content with friends. Buzz also automatically syndicates content sourced through Blogger, Google Reader, Picasa and other tools.
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    3. The Social Media Strategy

      For many of us, social media is a blessing - guiding us toward the answers we seek by shortening search times, summarizing the big pictures and offering up quick analysis. As individuals, social media has allowed us to develop an online identity and share our views to an audience size that has typically been reserved for the rich and famous. But for businesses, social media can cripple communication efforts. In his article The Information Divide: The Socialization of News, Brian Solis stresses that information moves with or without businesses. Business communicators often have to choose between being accurate or immediate when distributing content online, and they do so not as an individual blogger or tweeter, but as a brand, with significantly more to lose.
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    4. Validating PR Communication with Industry Education

      Validating PR Communication with Industry Education
      Education supports communication. Wouldn't it be nice to receive a Press Release with all the relevant news, discussion, information and resources available to support the story? Recent business trends toward social media and inbound marketing show us that a company voice is no longer solely owned by that company. As marketers, we need to own the discussion, offering readers the sources behind our products, the communication around our brands, and the education surrounding our market.
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    5. Product Launch Readiness: Get your brand ahead of the competition

      Product Launch Readiness:  Get your brand ahead of the competition
      Wendy Marx of Marx Communications as a quality presentation titled "How to Improve the ROI of your New Product Launch". In this presentation, Wendy outlines the five important product launch steps product teams should execute ensure a successful product launch meets its objectives. These steps are all good product launch essentials. I would also recommend that any new product launch team consider these as a foundation to a sensible PR strategy. However, if all your competitors are able to use the same strategies, where is the PR edge for a new product launch? Is there any way to increase the ROI on a new product launch?
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    6. The age old acronym "R&R"

      We all need Rest and Relaxation: It’s why we work hard; it’s our free time to collect and enjoy ourselves – to unwind. Real R&R comes with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done your homework; that you have earned your vacation. It is here that a new type of R&R: Relevance and Recurrence brings paralleled contentment to marketers by providing them with some needed time off.
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