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    1. Three Marketing Areas AI Will Improve

      Three Marketing Areas AI Will Improve

      For all the buzz around artificial intelligence in marketing, there’s just as much confusion around the subject. Some marketers are concerned about becoming expendable because of ambiguity around AI’s potential implications. They shouldn’t be. AI is slated to help marketers do two things: achieve better results and be more productive. The advent of ‘automated data-decisions’ can help marketers in the following ways.


      Reporting and measurement is central to marketing success—but it’s resource-intensive. Proper reporting takes time. Finding compelling insights to make decisions with takes even more time. AI can automate the delivery of organized data for reporting—a huge time saver. Additionally, AI can identify worthwhile trends by ingesting large datasets; trends humans may overlook.

      Optimizing Ads

      Successful advertising requires testing, tinkering, and iterating. AI-powered tools can test different audience criteria quickly. Marketers in digital advertising can find their target sweetspot faster and more accurately than if a human were to target, test, and scale. However, Mike Kaput of PR 20/20 provides one disclaimer:

      “Keep in mind: in our experience, many AI ad solutions require a high minimum ad spend per month, so these tools might be restricted to brands with larger budgets.”

      Content Marketing

      The 88 percent of B2B marketers in North America using content marketing can look forward to AI helping content marketing become self-aware. Marketers will more easily create the right content, use the right channels to reach the right people, and automate the legwork in finding metrics that justify—and expand—their budgets.

      Check out Kaput’s original article below for more reasons for optimism about artificial intelligence.

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