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    1. Go Beyond Social When Distributing Your Content

      Go Beyond Social When Distributing Your Content

      Promoting and distributing content is just as important as creating it. But it's difficult to execute distribution and promotion well. Fifty percent of content created gets eight shares or less, according to BuzzSumo. 

      While most marketers understand the importance of sharing and distributing content, determining how to do so beyond sharing on LinkedIn and Twitter is another matter. In truth, there are hundreds of methods outside traditional social platforms to share your content. 

      HubSpot's Kelsey Meyer advises that:

      Before you toast to your status as a progressive marketer who also publishes on LinkedIn and posts on Reddit, consider this: There are dozens, if not hundreds, of methods for content distribution beyond social that you might be overlooking.

      Consider these distribution methods:

      • Guest posting: Reach out to other blogs that have the same target audience as your brand. By posting to other blogs and linking back to your website, you're reaching a new audience, driving traffic to your website, and improving your website's SEO.
      • Leverage the sales team: Use your sales team to help increase traffic to your content. This will help you more precisely reach your target audience, and speed up your sales team's cycle.

      For more content promotion tips, read Meyer's complete article below.

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    2. 3 Easily Overlooked Errors Hurting Your Content Strategy

      3 Easily Overlooked Errors Hurting Your Content Strategy

      Marketers agonize over the content creation process along with the promotion, measurement, and optimization that follows. The reporting process reveals insights for improving your content strategy moving forward. But there are many common mistakes to avoid during the creation process prior to reporting. Avoid these mistakes when creating content: 

      1. Overly Promotional Content

      To create content your audience trusts, avoid egocentric marketing. People want objective answers to their questions. Promotional content erodes your credibility by deviating from your audience’s interests. Marketing Insider Group contributor Kelsey Meyer offers her rule of thumb to avoid this pitfall: 

      If your article sounds more like a press release than a piece of educational content, it’s too promotional. 

      1. Sloppy Reader Experience

      Social media & other modern media platforms have popularized abbreviated and informal writing. This writing has no place in your brand’s content. Your content reflects your brand. When writing, consider flow, layout, proper citations, media enrichment, and grammar. An in-house editor is ideal, but tools and on-demand services are reasonable alternatives for marketers with limited resources.

      1. Content Lacking Creativity

      Original content creation is a check-box item for marketers, resulting in an Internet flooded with thoughtless content. We all crave compelling, creative content. This requires more legwork in the planning stage.

      For a creative edge, use a strategy framework to create premium, research-based content that can be  atomized into additional pieces of content.

      Meyer has more on potential content pitfalls in her original post below.

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