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    1. You Have Questions…We Have Answers: Future M’s Minute to Win It Curation Edition

      You Have Questions…We Have Answers:  Future M’s Minute to Win It Curation Edition
      Content curation is a hot topic at the moment.  Blogs and Twitter feeds are exploding with discussion about this up-and-coming way to find, organize and share content to support marketing objectives. It seems that everyone in the marketing space is talking about it.  What is curation exactly?  What is the best way to use it?  These and similar questions overload message boards, and now is the chance to get the answers. During Future M, a community-driven, week-long series of events where the freshest thinkers in marketing, media and technology will discuss what the future holds, it seems only appropriate that content curation be top of mind.  Come September 15th, the Hill Holliday office will be turned into a real live Minute to Win It Curation Edition competition hosted by the team here at HiveFire.  The show will feature experts from the local marketing community—including Pawan Deshpande (HiveFire CEO), Mike Dyer (Hill Holliday Senior Vice President and Co-Director of Content) and Chuck Eberl (Connance CMO)—answering questions every new content curator wants to know.  The event is a play off of the popular TV game show and the contestants will race against a 60 second clock to answer YOUR questions.  The experts will compete alongside a lucky audience contestant selected from the attendees at the event.  Marketing Profs' managing editor Matt Grant will emcee the evening, and the Boston Globe’s assistant business editor, Michael Warshaw will judge the contestants after each round to determine who the top expert is.  It will be fast, fun and best of all, teach you all you need to know about content curation, but in order to make this fantastic event happen, we need some help.  What questions do you have for the experts?  Is there something you have been wondering about content curation?  Do you want to try to stump the panel?  Whatever your motives are, we want to hear from you!   You can comment on this blog below with your questions or tweet @getcurata using #M2WCurata.   Here’s your chance to finally get in on the curation discussion and have your question answered at the event. 
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    2. Do You Speak Content Curation?

      Do You Speak Content Curation?
      When the topic of content curation is raised in the office, at networking events, or most importantly in the boardroom, do you have the information and knowledge to speak confidently? As more and more brands turn to content curation to elevate their content marketing strategy and drive results, businesses need a resource that understands the who, what, when and where of content curation.   The challenge for marketers seeking information is that as content curation continues to evolve, there is not one singular destination to consume all the essential intelligence. Until now. Curata has curated a list of some the most important content curation information marketers need to know to develop the Content Curation Glossary.  Visit getcurata.com to view the glossary and become the resource in your office who can really speak content curation.
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    3. SXSW: Content-Savvy Submissions

      SXSW: Content-Savvy Submissions
      Although SXSW 2012 is still months and months away, we are already growing so excited that we can hardly contain ourselves! We can’t seem to read enough of the hundreds of panels proposed and currently open to public voting via PanelPicker. Our own panel, Overthrow the King! Democratizing Marketing’s 3C's, which focuses on the importance of context and audience experience as the true tickets to content-royalty, is quite obviously our favorite…but, here are a few more submissions that caught our eye: 1. #ContentChaos; Sifting Trends for Inspiration; We like this panel, which asks whether large amounts of web content is helping or hurting, because it asserts the importance of creativity in a brand-audience relationship. Mixing original content and third-party, curated content is the ideal combination for marketers that want to insert their own opinions and thought leadership into content marketing programs.2. Branded Content: The Next Wave; Last year, our SXSW panel focused on the role of branded content. This proposed panel is the next generation! We would love to see how the role of branded content has evolved throughout the course of another year.3. Your Content SUCKS; While “King Content” (as we assert in our own panel) is a common term, this panel cleverly mentions that only GOOD content can be crowned king. Finding and creating timely, relevant content can be tough; we’d love to see this panel explain how to do it best. We encourage you all to vote! And, if you think we’ve missed a great SXSW Interactive panel, comment here and let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts.
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    4. Marketing Trends Survey - 3 minutes of your time

      Marketing Trends Survey - 3 minutes of your time
      Curata is conducting a survey to determine upcoming marketing trends and we need your help. We are looking to gain insight into your content marketing plans and it will only take 3 minutes of your time. The entire survey will take less than 3 minutes to complete and is completely confidential. All qualified participants will be entered to win a free iPad. You’ll also have the option to receive a complete report of the results. Take our survey. or copy and paste the link below: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/B2BTrends2011
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    5. Please vote for Curata's Panel at SXSW 2012: Overthrow the King Democratizing Marketing's 3 Cs

      Please vote for Curata's Panel at SXSW 2012: Overthrow the King Democratizing Marketing's 3 Cs
      We have submitted our freshest, most exciting idea for this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive…now it’s your turn! The annual must-attend event for next-generation marketers, held in Austin, Texas will feature the top panels submitted and then voted upon via PanelPicker by the public. Last year, with your help, we were chosen to host our session, Brave New World: Debating Brands’ Roles as Publishers (which drew a standing-room only crowd). We hope to have this opportunity again! The event is highly community-driven. Your votes will count towards 30% of the total selection process. The panel we proposed, Overthrow the King! Democratizing Marketing’s 3 C’s, is described below, and focuses on marketing’s evolution into a context-based, 360-degree customer experience. The step-by-step voting process is super fast and easy; we’d love your support.
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    6. Content Curation is the Ultimate Engagement Tool

      Content Curation is the Ultimate Engagement Tool
      Content Curation is the Ultimate Engagement ToolLook here! Fire! Now that I have your attention…now what? Marketers know that grabbing someone’s attention is one thing, maintaining it is a whole other. Consider this, the average person’s attention can be held for eight minutes before drifting off onto another topic. That stat may seem daunting enough for marketers, but then you have to remember that 1.6 million posts and 60,000 websites are added to the web every day. With the constant stream of information available online, how do you keep anyone engaged with your brand?The answer is far simpler than you think; you keep them interested by talking about topics that are important to them. Content curation is a great way to find the content that resonates with your target audience and keeps them engaged.Here are just a few ways content curation leads to an engaged audience. Timeliness – Topics and trends move quickly. Talking about and sharing the latest news teaches your customers and prospects to turn to your brand to stay informed. By demonstrating that your business is in tune with industry developments, you also establish brand trust with your audience. Insight – Keep your audience interested by adding your insight and perspective to curated content. Prospects want to know what you think of the latest trend. Customers need to understand your opinion to changes in the marketplace. Voice your opinion and begin dialogue. Interactivity – Finding quality content that speaks to your audience and brand is a tall order. So imagine being able to reinvest that research time into interacting with your customers and prospect. Content curation streamlines the process of finding and publishing valuable content, allowing marketers time to interact by asking questions, taking polls and gathering Consistency – How many blogs do you read that publish a post just once every 2 months? Or how many websites do you visit regularly that haven’t been updated in years? To engage your audience you need consistency. By consistently publishing quality content your brand sets the expectation with your audience that you are present and active. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of content curation or to learn how to get started, we encourage you to visit us online and try our 30 day free trial.
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    7. Content Curation: 6 Tips for Getting Started

      Content Curation: 6 Tips for Getting Started
      Search engines are invaluable to web researchers, marketers and the general public. Sometimes, though, search results can be off-target for what you’re really looking for. Content curators are there to sift through the masses of Internet information to find relevant and usable content. They organize that information and categorize it for the people who would be the most interested in it. They also cultivate it in one place so its easier to find. This should be of particular interest to marketers trying to draw consumers to their brand, as the possibilities for explaining its value are nearly endless and can target a range of markets categories. Here are some helpful tips for getting started with content curation: Use SEO.One of the most important aspects of good content marketing is that it must be easily found. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help with that. Figure out what key words are trending in search (Google Trends is a good tool for this) that are relevant to your brand and use them strategically throughout your website, blog postings and other content generation initiatives. Broaden Your Topic.Think outside the box when determining how to attract not only current customers but potential new ones to your content. Different types of content can attract different people. Thinking outside of your standard topics can also help position you more effectively for a new audience. Use content to help provide angles and information about the topic and drive customers to your brand. Develop Resources.How do you know what topics are front of mind for your target audience? Unless you have invented the 30 hour work day, chances are you don’t have the time to manually research what content is gaining traction with your customers and prospects. Develop a system of resources by subscribing to RSS feeds, newsletters and blogs to get your customers content pushed to you for quick and easy consumption. Cite Your Sources.One way to gain trust for your brand is to give credit where it is due. This courtesy may even help you get your content curated into other people’s sites. Avoid republishing the full-text of other’s work, and always remember that a good curator adds perspective and insight to curated contentMix It Up.Use some content of your own and share some content that isn't. Create a powerful content mix by a) curating content that speaks to your audience and aligns with your brand’s values and offering; b) generating original content that demonstrates a strong understanding of your audiences needs and interests. Leveraging this mix generates awareness for your product or service and shows you're keeping up with the latest developments in your field.Make A Schedule.Good content curation doesn’t happen by accident. Create a game plan and get ahead by considering in advance the topics for your posts and social media updates. Let your original content help locate the right curated content, or generate original content inspired by topics presented ...
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    8. Join Content Curators on LinkedIn

      Join Content Curators on LinkedIn
      We’re pleased to invite you to join Content Curators, a professional forum on LinkedIn for content curation best practices and insights. It is moderated by HiveFire, Inc. (the same folks who bring you this blog) and provides a place where novices and experts alike can have their questions answered or weigh in with advice or lessons learned from their own content curation experiences.Until now, a lot of the best content curation discussions on the web have been happening in a social media vacuum. With Content Curators, marketers now have a hub they can go to for these kinds of conversations. Since its unofficial launch in the spring of 2011, Content Curators has grown to more almost 100 members from across the globe. By opening the group to the public and fostering engaging discussions between members, we look forward to fast membership growth and continued dialogue regarding trends, challenges and opportunities related to content curation.To learn more about the group or become a member visit: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=3946859
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    9. Can Marketers Be Publishers?

      Can Marketers Be Publishers?
      Can marketers also be publishers? Many in the industry would argue that marketers already are. In the 1920s, marketers became radio producers with commercial broadcasting. They became television producers with the first TV commercials of the 1940s. With the popularity of blogs, online articles, social media platforms, mobile web and all the possibilities that the internet and Web 2.0 have to offer, today's marketers are publishers. Online content marketing is the most cost-effective method for reaching targeted audiences. It isn’t enough simply to have voice. Content marketing is becoming increasingly competitive and savvy marketers know to look for ways to evolve their messages and connect with their audiences. Marketers must understand and utilize content marketing and the new technologies that are driving change in audience behavior. This includes an understanding of: data analytics creative work positive consumer experience So when marketers flip the switch from using their intuition to using statistical data and online content to drive more sales, how should they approach it? Publish a message that speaks to your audience.Marketers must keep in mind that the content they create needs to align with the needs and interests of a target consumer. For example, a publication geared towards CFOs wouldn’t publish an article on ‘Accounting 101’. Consumers find and return to content that addresses their needs in a useful AND meaningful way. Expressing why your message is relevant and important can help the consumer to connect with your brand. This can be quantified to a degree using analytic programs that track how often a message has been read by consumers. Publish copy that evokes emotion.People don’t take action because it’s a “good idea,” often other emotional motivators like admiration or nostalgia can move a consumer to action. Be careful not to evoke the wrong emotions, though. Talking down to an audience can turn them off just as quickly as begging for attention. Content marketers that approach their target market in a natural way experience the most success. Publish to get a response.Successful online content marketing enhances desire and persuades its audience to take action. Creating desire is different from creating a convincing argument. Just because a consumer is convinced a product is “new,” “improved” or “rated #1” doesn’t mean they have the desire to benefit from what that brand has to offer. Copy that hooks readers and encourages sales explains to its readers how a product’s features can solve their problems and improve their lives. Modern marketers are becoming online content publishers, using words to relay their brand’s message, evoke emotions and get a response from consumers. Marketers have been publishers, since the first advertising agency started placing newspaper and magazine ads in 1843. So let’s forget for the moment ‘can marketers be publishers?’ and focus on the bigger question:How are you, as a marketer, utilizing today’s technology to your advantage? We want to hear your thoughts. What else should a marketer consider when ...
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    10. Social Media Marketing and Thought Leadership

      Social Media Marketing and Thought Leadership
      These two concepts go hand-in-hand. According to Wikipedia, a thought leader is “recognized for innovative ideas and demonstrates the confidence to promote or share those ideas as actionable distilled insights.” Positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry can be a significant factor in online marketing success - and social media is one of the best mediums for demonstrating it.
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    11. Content Marketing Best Practices By-The-Numbers

      Content Marketing Best Practices By-The-Numbers
      Behind all of the blog posts, articles and curated content you find here on the Content Curation Marketing blog, we’re really a bunch of numbers junkies.  So today’s post is dedicated to the data that provides insight into how companies can bolster their online content to better engage customers and prospects, drive leads and support thought leadership.
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    12. Content Curation Glossary

      Content Curation Glossary
      We're excited to announce that last week we launched a new section on our website that will be a key tool in your content curation arsenal. The Content Curation Glossary provides definitions for key industry terms (like content curation) and introduces you to curation thought leaders. Check it out and let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below.
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    13. Beyond Blogs and White Papers: A Recap of Pawan Deshpande’s Panel at MarketingProf’s B2B Forum

      Beyond Blogs and White Papers: A Recap of Pawan Deshpande’s Panel at MarketingProf’s B2B Forum
      On Wednesday our CEO, Pawan Deshpande, spoke on a panel at MarketingProf’s B2B Forum, the high-profile B2B marketing conference that took place this week at The Boston Park Plaza Hotel.  Accompanying Pawan on the panel, “Beyond Blogs and White Papers: 7 Approaches for Compelling Content That You Haven’t Thought Of,” was Eloqua’s Vice President of Content Marketing, Joe Chernov and Becki Dilworth, vice president of digital strategy at Bridgeline Digital.  The panel, moderated by MarketingProfs’s own Ann Handley, addressed the content "Circle of Life" for B2B marketers and how emerging content formats and mediums can be leveraged to increase customer engagement and brand ubiquity. What knowledge did the audience walk away with? Well, the sea of marketers that filled the room learned new ways to ensure that their brand’s content will resonate with audiences, as well as tips to repurpose, reuse and improve their content already in existence. Above all, we hope they left with a solid belief that content can be one of the best (and easiest) ways to connect with customers and prospects in a deep and meaningful way. For those who were unable to attend, there were seven specific approaches discussed by the panelists that we wanted to share here: Make your customer the hero; when their stories shine, so will your company Bring in outside (and respected, third-party) voices for your content and align with experts; content curation is an easy way to implement this Re-imagine and re-invigorate existing content that already exists within your organization Consider internal assets, like employee communications, as a source of content that can be repurposed for external audiences Socially brand your output for easy sharing on LinkedIn, Twitter and other properties; those little logos in the corner of a piece of content can go a long way, literally. Use infographics—they grab attention, but avoid falling victim to IBU (that is…Interesting But Useless ones) Curate content. As Pawan discussed, finding, organizing, and then sharing original and third-party content across a plethora of media—from RSS feeds and social media, to email newsletters and microsites–ensures your content reaches audiences where(ever) they consume it We have several excellent examples of how we’ve helped clients take advantage of the final approach above here, but would love to see what you’ve done to implement the approaches covered. Feel free to share links and details by commenting below.
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    14. How Content Curation Makes You a Social Media Rock Star

      How Content Curation Makes You a Social Media Rock Star
      Queen said it best when they said “We are the champions, my friend.”  This is a statement.  It says – “you know it, and I know it, so we may as well assume our roles,” and everyone did; as Queen made themselves one of the world's best-selling music artists of all time. Social media has become the fastest and most cost effective way to communicate with your audience.  Consequently, if you are not social media-savvy then you can bet that your competitors are delivering information to your audience just like the rock stars you wish to be.  How do you go from social media easy listening one-hit wonders to social media rock stars? Content curation. Chances are you are doing some content curation already.  In fact, our recent survey, Content Curation Takes Center Stage, shows that almost 85% of those who reported not currently using content curation had, in fact, actually done so by reusing or creating new content and broadcasting their message via email or social media in order meet their business objectives. What you need now is to rock out this content arsenal, maximizing it so that you can simply and easily put forth thought-provoking content on a scheduled basis.  In order to do that, you need to follow a simple formula: Identify follow Organize Create Share In our latest eBook - 5 Simple Steps To Becoming A Content Curation Rock Star we dive deep into the guts of how to become a social media rock star and give you the encore performance and backstage pass, but here is the quick and dirty Whiskey a Go Go, in your face look: Choose your topic Find trusted sources to support that topic Organize the content Create the content (by adding value i.e. new liner notes or reviews) Lay down the tracks – in other words publish your content Remember when you are selecting a curation topic – if it does not resonate with your audience, they will not buy the ticket to even listen to the show.  A successful rock star always knows what the audience wants to hear, and then delivers it – without making them wait too long. Make sure you select all different venues you plan to hit on your tour and set your tour dates.  That way, all you have to do is show up with the content.  Having a schedule, and knowing when you will be hitting up Twitter, Facebook, or your blog lets you plan ahead; gathering the right content from the appropriate sources and adding your two cents to give your content the rockin’ edge it needs. Done correctly, content curation can be the catalyst to take your company from one-hit-wonder unknowns to bestselling rock stars. Following the simple 5-step formula above will get your brand out there on a consistent basis and show your audience that you are indeed The Champions.
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    15. Content Marketing Bootcamp Questions Answered!

      Content Marketing Bootcamp Questions Answered!
      On April 21st, HiveFire conducted a webinar "Content Marketing Bootcamp: 5 Simples Steps to Get Started." During the session, we had a number of fantastic quesitons that we we ran out of time to answer. Since you took the time to ask them we thought we could take the time to answer them! 1. Are there re-publishing concerns that we should be aware of? How is Plagiarism addressed? Is attribution enough? And will a short intro do? Are there any issues with respect to linking? Are there "official" fair use practices published anywhere? Should we be sending out content from the marketer's name, the subject matter expert, or the company name? Pawan: Since there were a number of questions around content curation and plagiarism I thought I’d provide a bit more insight through two previous blog posts related to the issue of Fair use of Being Ethical and Curation and regarding Pirating: Content Curtion Fair Use: 5 Rules to an Ethical Content Curator Create, Curate, but Don’t Pirate: 2 Pointers about Content Curation & Ethics Joe: I just completed a post that addresses these kinds of questions with help from Pawan: Fair Use of Online Content for Content Curation   2. How do you motivate people to create content? Pawan: Make it a game to get the most page views, tweets, back links -- instant gratification.  To do so, you need to open up analytics to all content creators. Joe: First, make sure they (employees) understand why they are creating content.  If it is tied to specific marketing goals, make sure they know that they are having an impact on those goals.  Develop a sheet of measurement criteria - tweets, posts, page views, conversions, so everyone can see it, and reward those who outperform.   3. Is it best to create a whole new site and build community there or to use existing structures like corporate blogs, Facebook, etc...? Pawan: A whole new site let’s you do things you cannot do on an existing property.  For example, if you want to curate content that talks about competitors, you would not want to do that on an existing site, but it would be very appropriate for an industry microsite.  A new property that is relatively vendor neutral let’s you do more and increases both your credibility and shot at becoming a go-to thought leader for the industry.Joe: There are Pros and Cons to both. As Pawan says, a new site gives you greater flexibility to create a “media” type site.  Leveraging an existing site may not give you the flexibility, but it gets you faster credibility with Google building upon your current indexed site.  Whatever you decide, make sure that the repository of content is actually yours...you own it and control it (as opposed to Facebook).
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    16. Content Marketing Bootcamp: 5 Simple Steps to Get Started

      Content Marketing Bootcamp: 5 Simple Steps to Get Started
      Upcoming Webinar sponsored by HiveFire - Content Marketing Bootcamp: 5 Simple Steps to Get Started You’ve heard the buzz about content marketing and content curation but you’ve got questions. Why are they important? Is this something I should be doing?  How do I get started? This webinar will give you a clear understanding of content marketing and content curation, why they’ve become increasingly important as marketing strategies and how to use them to make a measurable impact on your business today. You’ll learn that with the right guidance and tools, ANYONE can be a content curator. The upcoming webinar is presented by the American Marketing Association (AMA) and sponsored by HiveFire, Inc. FEATURED SPEAKERSPawan Deshpande, Founder and CEO, HiveFire/CurataJoe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute DATE:April 21st 2011, 12pm-1pm CDT SIGN-UP:For more information or to sign-up click here.
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    17. CMO Advantage - Content Curation

      CMO Advantage - Content Curation
      Ed Gaskin, from The Pulse Network, interviews Pawan Deshpande, Founder and CEO HiveFire Inc. HiveFire is a Content marketing technology provider offering solutions to transform content into successful online marketing campaigns. Pawan defines curation, explains the need for and benefits of curation, and how to evaluate vendor solutions. He discusses HiveFire's product Curata and provides case examples from Airvana, Verne Global and startupadvice.org.  
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    18. SXSW Update - #CurateDebate

      SXSW Update - #CurateDebate
      Great turnout at the @HiveFire Panel "Brave New World: Debating Brands' Role asPublishers" on Saturday morning - featuring panelists: Moderator: Tom Ashbrook, NPR, @OnPointRadio Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute, @juntajoe Pawan Deshpande, HiveFire, @TweetsFromPawan Lora Kolodny, TechCrunch, @lorakolodny Gary Kim, Carrier Evolution, @CarrierEvo Follow the commentary using hashtag #curatedebate on twitter.
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