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Agile Marketing: Just Another Buzzword?
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Matching Content With Purpose to The Buyer’s Journey

Amy Wright

In the past, content marketing success was achieved by creating and sharing valuable knowledge with a brand’s audience.. On the heels of a high-volume content trend, success in today’s content marketing landscape requires something more.

Content strategist Amy Wright outlines how to drive results:

Content marketing is about more than blogging. Content marketing is about scrutinizing your entire online presence through the eyes of your customers because every single touchpoint will impact your success. This includes every page of your website, every resource or blog article and every post on social media.

Instead of looking at goals through the traditional marketing funnel, content executives dictate their strategy based on the buyer’s journey. This framework examines the process a buyer goes through and the challenges they have at each stage. With this methodology, your question answering content will facilitate prospects further down the funnel.

Matching content to the various stages of the buyer’s journey creates organization and transparency regarding gaps in content. With a strategy dedicated to the buyer’s journey, each content item has a purpose. It caters to lean vision and more thoughtful resource use.

To better understand content and the customer experience, check out Amy’s original article below.

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