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How to Fix Your Social Media Engagement

TopRank Marketing Blog

For many marketers, social media has become a let down. Starting as a medium that allowed organic interactions between a brand and their audience, social media is now almost purely a pay-to-play endeavor

According to Joshua Nite at TopRank Marketing, this could actually be a good thing:

You’re free from having to post on Twitter three times a day, Facebook 1.5 times, and so on. Now you can focus on quality and relevance over everything else. Even with engagement rates in the single digits—even when they’re below single digits—quality content is always the path to the light side of the social media world.

Other than producing high-quality social content, there are other factors to keep in mind when publishing to social media.

Instagram is the number one platform for engagement, no matter the industry. Brands that don't have products typically considered to be visual like GE and Dell perform well on Instagram.

Facebook has a huge audience but engagement is low. Twitter has become more about broadcasting than conversing, if used traditionally. For success on Twitter, focus on doing what others are not. Interact with other people's content and start direct conversations with them.

For more on social media engagement, check out Nite's complete post below.

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