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Buying MarTech with Today’s Transparency

Marketing Insider Group

Every new challenge marketers are faced with births new technology solutions. These tools require rigorous evaluation to determine vendor and buyer alignment—but few tools deliver on expectations. Buyers continue to invest in software that falls short. Take these steps to avoid buyer's remorse.

Outline Challenges

This step involves people outside your immediate team. Share the pain you’re experiencing with stakeholders and tie it back to organizational goals. Marketing Insider Group contributor Jacob Warwick outlines the benefits of this collaboration: 

By sharing your findings through a transparent and collaborative approach, you can earn internal support to find a solution, receive additional feedback to analyze, and give leadership teams insight to manage company-wide expectations.

Consider Several Solutions

Steps two and three are often poorly executed. Look for solutions that are a good fit for your needs and company. Make a list of products that you’ve heard of and solicit peer referrals for these products. Look at competitors, and seek out tools that might fit the bill by using an entirely alternative methodology.

Use Transparency to Your Advantage

Thanks to the era of solution sales, buyers now benefit from transparency. Without sacrificing negotiation leverage, share your notes during discovery calls and product demos. Use the availability of authentic peer reviews and third-party product reviews that fit your use-case, and don’t be afraid to reach out to reviewers directly for additional feedback prior to purchasing.

Warwick has more detailed guidance in the original article below.


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