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The Great Creation & Distribution Conundrum

Convince & Convert

Marketing teams are eagerly creating content at an unprecedented rate. TrackMaven suggests brands are publishing 800 percent more content than five years ago—and there’s no sign of  slowing down. What’s alarming is the lack of reach and engagement with this content. The reason? Many content creation teams are too focused on content volume rather than content quality and promotion. 

In addition, teams responsible for content marketing lack  budget for paid promotion campaigns. With gaps in budget for paid media, how can we resolve the over-creation and under-promotion issue?  Influencer Chad Pollitt suggests a solution at Convince & Convert:

The bottom line for brand executives is this: Move distribution budgets as close to creative as possible for content marketing success, and start thinking like TV ad executives. For native ad tech companies, start catering to the needs of content marketers. They need your help but don’t care about CPMs and clicks. They want engagement.

Pushing the creative and paid teams to work in closer conjunction with each other creates more opportunity for success for both teams. Another solution: increase the budget of the team that owns top of funnel content to achieve the goals of the distribution team.

Pollitt provides more on the challenge and solution to this conundrum in his original article below.

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