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Should You Still Create Downloadable Content?

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Downloadable content is still a primary driver of lead generation for most content marketers. We churn out eBooks, white papers, checklists, and other downloadable content pieces on a regular basis because they're meant to be an effective method for moving prospects through the funnel.

But with all the changes in technology and content consumption, is this still the case?

Yes, downloadable content is still relevantif you do it right. Johanna Rivard, executive vice president of Pure B2B, advises that: 

There’s so much potential for value in downloadable content both for you and your prospects. It keeps information flowing, and if your content borders on the exceptional, your social media shares will shoot up too.

However, be aware of these variables when creating downloadable content for your organization:

  • Consider the type of content your audience prefers. For example: white papers are in-depth and created by experts, while checklists are short and actionable. While both are useful, consider which format is a better fit for your audience's needs before creating.
  • Don't be too sales-y. This is the cardinal rule of content marketing. Even if your content is designed to review your product, try not to review it in a way that erodes reader trust.
  • Only gate content your audience would pay for. If they're going to submit a form—in other words, pay you with their name and email—the content should be so excellent that it has monetary value.

Check out more of Rivard's thoughts about downloadable content below.

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