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Big Data: Good or Bad for Small Business Marketers?

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Big data, though hugely beneficial to many enterprise-size companies, can be a headache for small-business marketers. From where to get big data to what to do with it once it’s here, the questions and problems that arise for small businesses seem like they may be more trouble then they’re worth. Here are some strategies you can use to successfully leverage big data for you small business.

Where to Get Big Data

Big data is a challenge to get for small business. Ben Allen, a freelance content creator and digital marketer explains why:

The first challenge of utilizing big data is where to get the freaking stuff. Data isn’t cheap, nor is it easy to come by. It’s why companies guard their data aggressively and don’t share with the public. But you have a small budget and limited resources to work with, so what now? Just give up on the big data dream?

Here are some places small business can get big data on the cheap:

  • Website Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • Businesses that specialize in big data 

How to Make Sense of the Numbers

If you just have raw data and don’t have the budget to pay for an analyst or software to synthesize the information, you're left with a lot of data and nothing to do with it. Small businesses can use case studies, questionnaires, anecdotes, and other content to round out their big data and measure their marketing more clearly

For a complete list of strategies you can take to leverage big data at your business check out Ben Allen’s entire article on the MarketingInsider Blog.

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