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Think Past Immediate Sales for Content Marketing Goals
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Want B2B Content Marketing Success? Have the Best Answer

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Marketers currently spend 29% of their total marketing budgets on contentbut many feel their investments are falling flat. Pressure to create enough content that stands out can lead to underwhelming results.

Lee Odden, digital marketing strategist, author, speaker, and CEO of TopRank Marketing explains one of the reasons why creating content that strikes a chord with potential buyers has become more difficult.

The way business customers find and interact with information when researching solutions has evolved significantly, with changes that include the ubiquity of Internet access, growth of social media, and mobile.

Self-directed business buyers pull themselves through most of the B2B sales cycle with whatever content they can find. At the same time, B2B brands are challenged to stand out among a deluge of competitive content and growing distrust of ads.

Due to the over-saturation of content and ever-evolving digital landscape, marketers are prone to over-complicating their solutions. Odden argues that the key to marketing effectiveness is empathizing with your buyers and taking a “best answer” approach to content creation. Supplement this larger strategy by using data-informed content to speed results. Some questions to inform your content marketing strategy include:

  • Where does your specific audience discover solution content?
  • How does your buyer prefer to consumer content?
  • What triggers will motivate your buyer to take the next step?

Click on the link below for Odden’s full article on how to achieve B2B success using a best answer approach. 

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