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Content Curation Seen as Essential Part of Public Relations
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Drive Customer Delight With Content Marketing

Content marketing is necessarily becoming more sophisticated as customers become more exposed to it. "Good enough" content that fills a hole in your editorial calendar—is increasingly less so in this environment.

More and more it's not enough to just answer your audience’s questions and help solve their problems; there's just too much competition for this to resonate any more. For content to stand out it needs to go further, to delight readers enough to have a measurable impact.

Aaron Agius at the Content Marketing Institute has a handy primer on the principles of customer delight, which he argues should factor into every action, interaction, and piece of content you create:

  • Does this content solve a problem for someone?
  • Does this content teach someone how to solve problems in the future?
  • Is this content engaging and at least a little fun? 

For Agius, delighting your customers is all about exceeding their expectations: 

When I look for an answer to a problem, I’m happy when I finally find it. My problem is solved. If that same source provides additional information to help me deal with similar challenges down the road, then I’m blown away. When that source does it with a smile and enthusiasm, it might as well give me a fanboy shirt.

When you create a better user experience, through better researched, more entertaining, better written, more relevant content—you create a happier audience. Which makes them much more likely to be interested in your products, and to become brand advocates for you after they've bought. 

The key to creating such a user experience is to have a documented content strategy, so that you're consciously creating content with specific, measurable goals. Find out more about driving customer delight via Aaron's full article below.

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