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Which Are The Most Important Content Marketing Metrics?

Search Engine Journal

The single most vexing question for anyone in content marketing today is still, "How do I measure the effectiveness of my content marketing?"

Aaron Agius at Search Engine Journal believes there ten key metrics worth focusing on to determine the overall performance and health of your content marketing program. He writes:

Being able to measure the success of content should be a priority for any marketer, but determining the success of content isn’t as simple as looking at a single conversion point.

There are a lot of metrics you can dig into, but there’s no single set of metrics that offer all the answers.

Agius believes the ten key metrics to pay attention to are: social shares, engaged time (beyond time on page), total lead attribution, CTA click-through rates, direct post engagement, content traffic, retention metrics, referral links and natural inbound links, cost metrics, and ramp up time and longevity. 

He's right that there are almost too many metrics to be able to keep track of these days, but a helpful way of conceptualizing them is to order your metrics into a four part framework:

  • Consumption metrics
  • Sharing metrics
  • Lead metrics
  • Sales metrics

Aaron's post delves into why the ten metrics he's outlined are so key in the link below. For an in-depth examination of everything to do with content marketing metrics, read The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Analytics & Metrics.

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