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Use Content Marketing Technology to Be Smarter, Not Just Faster

It's easy to love what technology can do for us: when used correctly it can bring many helpful efficiencies. However, it's when technology is used strategically that it really helps content marketers work smarter—i.e. to develop and implement a more successful content marketing strategy.

Guillaume Decugis writes about this imperative at the Content Marketing Institute in "7 Ways Technology Can Make You a Smarter Content Marketer." He quotes CMI founder Joe Pulizzi:

I look at technology for content marketing being used right now as putting out fires, solving very small issues. Before buying technology for content marketing, you need a strategic vision that makes sense for the organization.

Strategy is crucial to not wasting time and resources! Decugis's seven tips include:

  • Audit your content library

  • Maximize your keyword research to identify your content sweet spot

  • Use editorial calendars to improve collaboration and project management

  • Curate content to supplement your own and add credibility to your editorial

  • Optimize your content systematically

  • Automate social distribution based on audience profile

  • Focus paid social promotion on top-performing content

A documented content strategy is vital to keeping all this together according to the 2015 CMI/MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Benchmark report. It shows marketers with a documented strategy are much more effective than those who do not document their strategy. For a look at Curata's industry leading content marketing software click here. For an in depth guide to content marketing strategy, download The Content Marketing Pyramid eBook. And for the rest of Guillaume's tips, click on the link below. 

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