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Maximizing the Social Media and Content Marketing Synergy

Pam Didner

Social media and content marketing have become synonymous with each other in marketing. Which should be no surprise really—you need to promote your content in some way, and your promotion needs some content with it. As black and white a concept as this may seem, many marketing teams still struggle with executing both. A recent study shows promotion is one of the top six content marketing challenges for marketers.

So how does a marketer reconcile the two? Pam Didner has written an excellent post about "5 elements to maximize the synergy Between Social Media and Content Marketing." Pam explains how she recommends her clients go about maximizing this synergy, with the trick to take care of what she describes as the "4+1" at a strategic level. Pam describes 4+1 as: 

 ...honing and aligning 4 elements with the central marketing team through 1 collaboration process.

These 4 elements being: 

  1. Objectives
  2. Personas
  3. Messaging
  4. Editorial

Successfully aligning these elements makes everything related to copy writing and execution come naturally. Curata's Content Marketing Pyramid eBook takes a comprehensive look at how to effectively implement your content marketing strategy, and have all these areas covered. Learn more about Pam's 4+1 concept via the link below.

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