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Why Your Content Isn't Engaging Your Audience

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We're spending more time and money on creating content than ever before, with B2B marketers spending $5.2 billion on content creation in 2015. Frustratingly, studies show most businesses waste about 25 cents of every dollar they spend on content—$1.3 billion hard earned dollars down the drain.

Understanding why audiences are ignoring your content and then retooling to make it more engaging is crucial to ensuring maximum ROI. Helpfully, Anna Talerico at Marketing Insider Group has outlined some of the top reasons she finds that content gets ignored:

  • I never saw it.
  • I couldn't share it.
  • It didn't stand out.
  • It wasn't relevant.
  • It wasn't interactive.

Talerica goes into detail about each point above and advises, "don’t let your content get lost in the shuffle by simply wishing for more engagement!" (Click on the link below this article to find out how Anna expands upon the above bullet points.)

The best way to ensure readers see your content, it stands out, they can share it, it's relevant to them, and is interactive—is to start off with a well documented content marketing strategy. 

Curata's Content Marketing Pyramid is one method for implementing such a strategy, explaining how to establish clear goals and priorities, how to increase production capacity by making more efficient use of valuable resources, and how to create a predictable stream of content that engages buyers and drives pipeline activity for marketing and sales. 

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